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    This time you focus on your model’s electrics when you add the four landing lights to the lower part of the Falcon. You also add a pressure switch that allows the lights to come on only when the landing legs are down. Each of the bits of the electrical system you add this time has a small circuit board at one end of the wiring and a plug at the other. The boards are screwed to lugs in the model using self-tapping screws of the longer type, a packet of which is supplied in the parts pack for Issue 85. The plugs are plugged into sockets on the control circuit board mounted on the lower part of the ship.

    Parts needed:
    Two forward LED landing lights supplied with Issue 86
    Two rear LED landing lights supplied with Issue 86
    Pressure switch supplied with Issue 87
    10 brass-coloured self-tapping screws


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 87 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2, or similar

    Fitting the landing lights
    Make sure that you use the LEDs with the correct length of wire for the correct positions: the rear ones have the shorter wires and the front ones have the longer. When you insert the plugs into the sockets on the circuit board, make sure they are the right way round and are inserted all the way in. Keep control of the screws when installing the landing gear pressure switch. If they drop down they can get stuck inside the landing leg recess. If this happens you might have trouble getting a screw out; you might have to go as far as carefully turning the base upside down and shaking it gently to remove a screw from the recess.

    lights 1

    lights 2

    lights 3

    lights 4

    lights 5

    lights 6

    lights 7

    lights 8

    lights 9

    lights 10

    lights 11

    lights 12

    lights 13

    lights 14

    lights 15

    lights 16

    lights 17

    lights 18

    lights 19

    lights 20

    lights 21

    Testing the landing lights
    If you’ve not already done so, get the battery box ready – you’ll have to remove it from the upper half of the Falcon if it’s held by the battery holder – and plug it into the correct plug on the circuit board (J2). Move the switch on the battery box to on and press button B on the circuit board. Now press the pressure switch and the landing lights should come on. As usual, be careful when working on or moving the upper or lower sections. Make especially sure that you watch out for the ramp components on the inside of the lower section.

    test 1

    test 2

    test 3

    test 4

    test 5

    Tidy up and store
    When you’ve finished trying out the landing lights, move the switch on the battery box to the off position and disconnect the battery box from the control circuit board by unplugging it. Put the metal frames/interior supports and battery extension lead away in the parts pack for 87 so you can find them later.

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