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    De Agostini

    There’s plenty to do this time, starting with finishing the frame for the port upper mandible, when you join frame sections TF-45 and TF-44 with a pair of two-hole connectors, and then adding the second and last hull panel – TP-30 – to the frame you’ve just put together. After that you work on two recesses for the mandible, adding 14 plant-on details to them before spraying them, if you wish, for the dirty, used look of the Falcon. You then add them to the port upper mandible, to which you then add a few more plant-on details.

    Parts needed:
    Top frame TF-44 (mandible) supplied with Issue 83
    Top panel TP-30 (mandible) supplied with Issue 83
    Gather together four black button head screws
    Two two-hole connectors supplied with Issue 83
    Gather together five silver self-tapping screws
    Two recesses supplied with Issue 83
    Sprue holding 17 plant-on details supplied with Issue 83
    Four brass-coloured self-tapping screws

    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 83 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2, or similar
    Side cutters or similar
    Craft knife
    Needle file or fine sanding pads or sticks
    Cutting board
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks
    Matt black acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt mid-grey acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt light grey acrylic modelling spray paint


    Assembling the mandible
    The assembly of the port upper mandible is much the same as for the starboard upper mandible, which you worked on in Stages 75, 76 and 77. And as is the case in this advanced stage in the build, there is nothing that an experienced Falcon construction engineer will find difficult when it comes to putting frame sections together and adding a section of plating.

    mand 1

    mand 2

    mand 3

    mand 4

    mand 5

    mand 6

    mand 7

    mand 8

    mand 9

    mand 10

    mand 11

    mand 12

    mand 13

    Adding details to the recesses
    When you are adding the details to the recesses, be careful to cut them carefully from the sprue and be sure to take it easy when trimming off any unwanted plastic, especially from the smaller parts. You might have to hold detail (1) in place while the glue bond forms and do not accidentally file or cut either of the pins off the base of (3) as these are used to locate it on the recess. Hold (6) in place while the glue sets to get it located accurately and don’t cut the pin off (8). Take care when cutting and trimming (11) and take extreme care when cutting (14) from the sprue.

    rec 1a

    rec 1b

    rec 2

    rec 3

    rec 4

    rec 4

    rec 6

    rec 7

    rec 8

    rec 9

    rec 10

    rec 11

    rec 12

    rec 13

    rec 14

    rec 15

    rec 16

    rec 17

    rec 18

    rec 19

    rec 20

    rec 21

    rec 22

    rec 23

    rec 23b

    rec 24

    rec 25

    rec 26

    rec 27

    rec 28

    rec 29

    rec 30

    rec 31

    rec 32

    rec 33

    rec 34

    rec 35

    rec 36

    rec 37

    rec 38

    rec 39

    rec 40

    rec 41

    Completing the mandible plating
    If you spray paint the two recesses you’ve just added details to, remember the spray painting advice already given for spraying the other recesses. Make sure you get a good coverage of the black by spraying into the recesses from vertically above, catching any areas you’ve missed by spraying from the sides into any uncoated nooks and crannies. And don’t overdo it. Spray the two shades of grey from an angle to give the recesses that grubby used look. Wait for each coat to dry completely before you proceed.

    plate 1

    plate 2

    plate 3

    plate 4

    plate 5a

    When you add the two recesses to the port upper mandible, make sure they are in the right holes and the right way round. Use the shorter variety of brass coloured self-tapping screws to hold them in position.

    plate 5b

    plate 6

    plate 7

    plate 8

    plate 9

    plate 10a

    plate 10b

    plate 11

    plate 12

    The final bit of assembly for this stage is to add the remaining three details from the sprue to the plating of the port upper mandible. When you attach (16) to (15), make sure that the bits with the recesses and the four dots face forward.

    plate 13

    plate 14

    plate 15

    plate 16

    plate 17a

    plate 17b

    plate 18

    plate 19

    plate 20

    plate 21

    Tidy up and store
    Put the upper section of the port mandible away somewhere safe.

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