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    In this stage you continue to work on the starboard mandible. There are four recesses to add, to which you can give a grimy, used look with some simple spray-painting techniques. The recesses are attached to the two inside surfaces of the starboard mandible using self-tapping screws. After they have been attached, there are some plant-on details to add to the plating and recesses of the bottom side of the mandible.

    Parts needed:
    Gather together eight brass-coloured self-tapping screws
    Sprue now holding three plant-on details originally supplied with Issue 75
    Sprue holding seven plant-on details supplied with Issue 77


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 77 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Matt black acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt mid-grey acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt light grey acrylic modelling spray paint
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2, or similar.
    Side cutters or similar
    Craft knife
    Needle file or fine sanding pads or sticks
    Cutting board
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks

    Finishing the recesses
    If you’ve previously given recesses a dark and grimy look, see Stages 19 and 42, you’ll know what you have to do now. You can use the same paints as before, assuming you’ve got some left over. Watch out that you don’t get overspray on your work surfaces or on your model: cover with sheeting or plastic to keep the splatter at bay or spray in an old cardboard box to catch it. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using spray paints and especially remember to use a light touch – it’s virtually impossible to remove excess paint, but easy to add more. After adding a first coat of black matt acrylic paint – a top-down spray is a good way to start – have a look and see where the coverage is not total and spray again from the side, rotating the object after each spray to cover all the nooks and crannies in the interior of each recess. The two shades of grey can also be sprayed from the sides so that details in the recesses are picked out. Make sure you leave the recesses for long enough so that the paint fully dries between coats and before you attach them to the mandible.

    recess 1

    recess 2

    recess 3

    Fitting the recesses
    There’s nothing complicated to this process, just make sure you get each recess in the correct place and in the correct orientation. Follow the visual guide in the Assembly section of the magazine and the pictures in this Build Diary to see which one goes where.

    recess 4

    recess 5

    recess 6

    recess 7

    recess 8

    recess 9

    recess 10

    recess 11

    recess 12

    Adding plant-on details
    Don’t forget to tidy up the details when you have cut them from the sprue, but go easy when you are trimming, filing or sanding any excess plastic left behind on the long thin sections of piping. Some of the holes in the painted recesses can be hard to see when you glue the ends of pipework into them so as usual a test fit is a good idea so you know where they go before you reach for the glue. Generally, a spot of glue in the holes in the plating and recesses into which the pins or pipe ends fit is all you need to hold the details securely. With detail (7), hold the angled ends in position in their holes in the recesses while the bonds form. The long end of detail (8) has a deliberately angled end so do not file it flat.

    detail 4

    detail 5

    detail 6

    detail 7

    detail 8

    detail 9

    detail 10

    detail 11

    detail 12

    detail 13

    detail 14

    detail 28

    detail 16

    detail 17

    detail 18

    detail 19

    detail 20

    detail 21

    detail 22

    detail 23

    detail 24

    detail 25

    detail 26

    detail 27a

    detail 27b

    detail 28

    detail 29

    detail 30

    detail 31

    detail 32

    detail 33

    detail 34

    detail 35

    detail 36

    detail 37

    detail 38

    detail 39

    detail 40

    detail 41

    detail 42

    detail 43

    detail 44


    Tidy up and store
    Put the upper and lower sections of the starboard mandible somewhere safe and store the unused hull panels and side frames in the parts pack for 77.

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