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    In this stage you now begin to assemble the Falcon’s mandibles. There are three sections of frame to put together – BF-42, BF-43 and BF-44 – using four two-hole connectors. Plus there is a section of hull plating – BP-33 – to add when you’ve done the frame assembly work. There’s nothing in this stage to present a serious challenge to anyone who has been building the model so far, but as usual, take your time when constructing and do not be tempted to rush things. A steady and careful approach is most likely to yield optimum results and reduce the likelihood of errors.

    Parts needed:
    Bottom frame BF-42 (mandible) supplied with Issue 72
    Bottom frame BF-43 (mandible) supplied with Issue 72
    Bottom frame BF-44 (mandible) supplied with Issue 73
    Bottom panel BP-33 (mandible) supplied with Issue 73
    Four two-hole connectors supplied with Issue 73
    Gather together eight short short black button head screws
    Four silver self-tapping fixing screws


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 73 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2, or similar.

    Assembling the mandibles
    Putting together the three sections of frame for the lower side of the starboard mandible will not be too difficult. Avoid bending any frame sections or connectors by supporting the frame when doing the screws up. When you add the section of plating after assembling the frame sections ensure that all the lugs are properly seated before securing it. And be sure that you do not screw a screw into the lug ringed in red but without an arrow pointing to it in Step 11. Be careful to use silver self-tapping screws and not short brass-coloured self-tapping screws to attach the plating.

    frame 1

    frame 2

    frame 3

    frame 4

    frame 5

    frame 6

    frame 7

    frame 8

    frame 9

    frame 10

    frame 11

    panel 1

    panel 2

    panel 3

    panel 4

    panel 5

    panel 6

    panel 7

    panel 8

    Tidy up and store
    Put the bit of the mandible that you have assembled somewhere safe and store the screws and jig section not used this time in the parts pack for Issue 73.

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