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    De Agostini

    In this stage you put together the Falcon’s rectenna. There are details to add to both the mount and to the dish then you make up the A-frame pivot before connecting the dish to one end of the frames and the mount to the other. A couple of the details are a bit small – detail (4) in particular – but the assembly process is not overly complex and the end result is a pivoting and rotating rectenna that you can test fit to the plating of your model.

    Parts needed:
    Rectenna mount supplied with Issue 72
    Rectenna dish supplied with Issue 72
    Sprue holding eight plant-on details supplied with Issue 72
    Sprue holding nine rectenna frame parts supplied with Issue 72


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 72 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Side cutters or similar
    Craft knife
    Needle file or fine sanding pads or sticks
    Cutting board
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks

    Adding details to the mount
    As usual you will have to cut, file or sand off any stray bits of unwanted plastic from the parts you cut off the sprue and don’t forget that it is always a good idea to test fit parts before you stick them together. Take particular care when you trim (3) and (4) and you might find it easier to fit the long end of (3) into the hole in the side of (1) when you attach it. You can put glue in the hole in the side of (1) when you put (3) in position.

    glue 1

    glue 2

    glue 3

    glue 4

    glue 5

    glue 6

    glue 7

    glue 8

    glue 9

    glue 10

    Adding details to the dish
    When you test fit (5) you will probably notice that while the pins fit into their matching recesses on the rectenna dish, they do not make a good contact with them. If you try to glue (5) to the dish by putting glue in the recesses, this will probably not work. Instead you will get a proper join if you put glue on the top of the cylinder that part (5) fits over. The narrow end of detail (6) can be a tight fit into its hole in detail (5). Push it gently and firmly into this hole then hold its other end in position in the shallow recess on the back of the dish to keep it properly aligned while the glue bond forms.

    glue 11

    glue 12

    glue 13

    glue 14

    glue 15

    Assembling the A-frames
    Don’t forget that no glue is used from Steps 08 to 16. Inserting the pivot into one of the A frames in Step 09 might need a bit of force as they can be a tight fit. Note that the frames made in 06 and 07 are identical so you can use either one.

    glue 16

    glue 17

    glue 18

    glue 19

    glue 20

    glue 21

    glue 22

    glue 23

    glue 24

    glue 25

    glue 26

    glue 27

    Assembling the rectenna
    When you glue the four tabs on the A-frame ends to the mount, hold the A frames while the glue bond forms so that the A frames are flush with each other at the pivot point. If necessary, add extra glue on the underside of the mount where the pins on the tabs of the mounts are visible and continue to hold in position until this sets. When you glue the A frames to the back of the rectenna, press them gently into position; they might need jiggling to get the small pins in the recesses in the dish into their holes in ends of the frames.

    glue 28

    glue 29

    glue 30

    glue 31

    glue 32

    finished 1

    Fitting the rectenna
    Wait until the glue bonds have fully formed before you try out pivoting the dish and before you test fit the mount in its hole in the hull.

    finished 2

    finished 3

    Tidy up and store
    Take the rectenna off the hull if you are storing the top half of the Falcon on the jig and put the rectenna somewhere safe. Keep the unused mandible frame parts and the mandible jig section in the parts pack for Issue 72 so you know where to find them later.

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