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    De Agostini

    You put the top frame to one side during this stage and return to some sprue and glue action, when you assemble the upper hull’s starboard rear recess and then add a number of plant-on details to it. All the parts you use this time were supplied with Issue 66.

    Parts needed:
    Upper hull recess supplied with Issue 66
    Machinery in recess supplied with Issue 66
    Sprue holding 12 plant-on details supplied with Issue 66
    Sprue holding 5 plant-on details supplied with Issue 66


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 67 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Side cutters or similar
    Craft knife
    Needle file or fine sanding pads or sticks
    Cutting board
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks

    Detailing the starboard recess
    Follow the order of assembly set out in the Assembly section of the magazine for Stage 67 as some of the parts fit over others and so the order in which you add them is important. When you remove (1) from the smaller of the two sprues, you will probably be left with some excess plastic where it joined the sprue. Make sure you remove this with a file or sanding pad. The same applies to most of the rest of the details you add: remember to remove any obvious unwanted plastic carefully and don’t overdo the filing or sanding as you cannot put back what you have filed off. And bear in mind that a test fit is always a good idea so you can check how a part goes on before you use glue to stick it down permanently.
    Press down on (2) firmly so the pins go all the way into their holes before the glue bonds form. Be careful when you cut (3) from the sprue: do not cut the projection off its long flat edge. Similarly, take care when removing (5) not to trim off any of its projections and hold it in place while the glue sets. Part (7) is the only part you remove from the larger of the two sprues during this stage. When sticking down (10), add a small drop of glue to the small hole in the top of (7) and some glue to the ‘arms’ of (10) where they touch the recess. When you attach (11), as well as putting glue into the two holes next to (6), add a smear of glue to the two points on (2) where the ‘legs’ of (11) touch (2).

    details 1

    details 2

    details 3

    details 4

    details 5

    details 6

    details 7

    details 8

    details 9

    details 10

    details 11

    details 12

    details 13

    details 14

    details 15

    details 16

    details 17

    details 18

    details 19

    details 20

    details 21

    details 22

    details 23

    details 24

    details 25

    details 26

    details 27

    details 28

    details 29

    details 30

    details 31

    details 32

    details 33

    details 34

    details 35

    details 36

    details 37

    details 38

    details 39

    details 40

    Tidy up and store
    At the end of this assembly stage you should be left with one part on the smaller of the two sprues and four parts on the larger of the sprues. Put the sprues back into the Stage 66 parts pack that they came from so that you can find them again later. Store the recess you’ve been working on with your other sub-assemblies.

    parts 2

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