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    De Agostini

    Having finished the upper frame in stage 65, it’s now time to begin attaching hull plates to it. The last time you carried out major hull-plate assembly works was in Stages 46 and 47 when you added the first layer of bottom plates (Stage 46) and then added the lower housings (Stage 47). This time you add no fewer than 18 hull panels to the top frame, held on with 94 screws.
    Note that panels TP-01 and TP-02 might not have moulded panel numbers in the same style as those on the other panels. In the examples shown in this Build Diary, TP-01 has the number 1 moulded on its underside and TP-02 has the number 2 on its underside.
    Before you start attaching hull panels, however, you might want to check that all the screws holding the frame sections together are tightened properly and that none are missing. This will take a while, but it’s worth doing now.
    Remember that hull-plate fixing screws are only supposed to be tightened once when they cut, or tap, their thread in the unthreaded screw hole. Bear in mind, also, that they are not meant to pull the hull sections to the frame; this means that the lugs on the frame sections must be fully inserted into the holes in the frame before the screws are done up. If the lugs are a bit reluctant to seat, apply firm yet gentle pressure to the outside of the hull panel until they are all the way in. You will be flipping the frame over constantly during this assembly so might find it easier to work without the jig. You can use an old cushion if needs be to support and protect the frame and its newly added hull panels.

    Parts needed:
    The hull panels are listed below in the order in which they are to be assembled.
    TP-02 supplied with Issue 3
    TP-01 supplied with Issue 1
    TP-17 supplied with Issue 56
    TP-18 supplied with Issue 58
    TP-05 supplied with Issue 48
    TP-04 supplied with Issue 48
    TP-08 supplied with Issue 49
    TP-09 supplied with Issue 51
    TP-10 supplied with Issue 50
    TP-06 supplied with Issue 52
    TP-12 supplied with Issue 54
    TP-13 supplied with Issue 55
    TP-15 supplied with Issue 59
    TP-16 supplied with Issue 60
    TP-19 supplied with Issue 61
    TP-20 supplied with Issue 62
    TP-26 supplied with Issue 64
    TP-27 supplied with Issue 65
    Gather together 94 silver-coloured self-tapping screws

    parts 1

    parts 2

    parts 2

    parts 4

    parts 5

    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 66 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2 or similar

    Fitting the corridor panels and completing the panelling
    Follow the order of assembly shown in the Assembly stage of the magazine and all the overlaps will work properly. Be methodical in your work and tighten all the screws holding on a hull plate before moving on to the next one. When you’ve fitted adjacent plates, check from the outside that the panelling is lying flat. If the edge of an overlapping plate is not lying flat alongside the one next to it, a bit of gentle pressure with you fingers will get it to move or snap into position. There are couple of points to watch out for: TP-06 is not directly attached to the frame but to hull panels TP-04, TP-05 and TP-08; the lugs of TP-06 fit into plastic, not metal, holes. And do not put screws into lugs that protrude through the frame, these are used to attach other components at a later stage. There are two lugs like this in TP-10, two in TP-19, one in TP-20 and two in TP-27.

    panel 1

    panel 2

    panel 3

    panel 4

    panel 5

    panel 6

    panel 7

    panel 8

    panel 9

    panel 10

    panel 11

    panel 12

    panel 13

    panel 15

    panel 16

    panel 17

    panel 18

    panel 19

    panel 20

    panel 21

    panel 22

    panel 23

    panel 24

    panel 25

    panel 26

    panel 27

    panel 28

    panel 29

    panel 30

    panel 31

    panel 32

    panel 33

    panel 34

    panel 35

    panel 36

    Tidy up and store
    Put the top section of the Falcon back on the jig for safe storage. Keep the upper hull recess, the machinery in recess and the two sprues supplied with Issue 66 safe in their parts pack ready for use later (in Stage 67).

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