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    In this stage you install the circuit board then begin to connect it up to the Falcon’s various electrical components, including the ramp.
    Pay heed to the warning on the first page of the Assembly article for Stage 57 regarding power sources, the circuit board and conductors. Do not connect the circuit board to the battery pack until it (the circuit board) has been installed properly. And when handling the circuit board be careful. Try not to touch the components on the board or any of the soldered connections underneath with your fingers. It’s best handled by holding it at its edges.

    Parts needed:
    Circuit board supplied with Issue 57
    Socket cover supplied with Issue 57
    Wiring harness supplied with Issue 57
    Gather together 5 short silver self-tapping screws
    Gather together 2 long self-tapping screws


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 57 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2 or similar

    Installing the circuit board
    Take the board out of its protective packaging and to get it in the correct position over its mounting posts make sure that the sockets labelled J1 to J4 on one edge of the board are closer to the middle of the Falcon. Use four short silver self-tapping screws to screw it down.

    install 1

    install 2

    install 3

    Fitting the power socket
    Use one of the short silver self-tapping screws to hold the power socket’s cover in place. The socket itself is attached with two of the long self-tapping screws. It is the correct way around when the green wire is further from the centre of the Falcon and the red wire is closer.

    socket 1

    socket 2

    socket 3

    socket 4

    socket 5

    socket 6

    socket 7

    Connecting the wiring
    If you attached the battery box to its holder in Stage 54, remove it now, being sure to keep the nuts and bolts that secure its strap to the mounting plate somewhere safe until you reattach the box. Make sure you keep the switch on the battery box in the OFF position.

    wiring 1

    wiring 2

    wiring 3

    wiring 4

    Testing the ramp
    Before you test the ramp, make sure there’s nothing under the ramp that might stop it opening all the way. You will have to take it off its support jig. All being well, after you’ve moved the battery box switch to the ON position and pressed the blue main switch, the small red light should come on the circuit board. And when you press button A on the circuit board, the ramp should lower and its light come on. If there are any problems with the electrics or electronics, follow the instructions in the yellow box of text at the bottom right of page 13 of the magazine. If you are concerned that something is not working properly, be ready to quickly turn the power switch to the OFF position on the battery box.

    ramp 1

    ramp 2

    Tidy up and store
    Close the ramp and put the bottom half of the Falcon back on its support jig.

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