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    De Agostini

    There’s some more assembly of the top frame this time when you add frame sections TF-09 and TF-16. The section TF-09 is the central turret ring and the addition of this makes the top frame assembly much more rigid. In this stage you also do a bit of work on a couple of hull panel sections: the addition of steel pins to TP-06 and magnets to TP-07 allows you to fit the cover to the passage tube’s cutaway section.

    Parts needed:
    Hull frame section TF-09 supplied with Issue 52
    Hull frame section TF-16 supplied with Issue 52
    Gather together 13 short black button head screws
    Hull panel TP-06 supplied with Issue 52
    Hull panel TP-07 supplied with Issue 52
    Two steel pins supplied with Issue 52
    Two magnets supplied with Issue 52


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 52 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2 or similar
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks

    Assembling the top frames
    As in the previous stage, you will find if you follow the steps set out in the assembly section of the magazine for Stage 52 that the new sections you add this time – TF-16 and TF-09 – will go on without problems. There are a couple of points to bear in mind, however, and these relate to the fit of TF-16 to the central turret ring (TF-09). The first and most obvious is to make sure you get the lug on TF-16 to fit into the notch on TF-09. And depending on the order in which you screw in the screws that attach the turret ring – there is no proper order, by the way – you might find that you have to gently squeeze together TF-13 and TF-16 so that the threaded holes in the adjacent frame sections align with the screw holes in the ring. Similarly a bit of very gentle pressure might be needed to make the screw holes in the ‘arm’ of TF-16 align with those in the ring. Remember to tighten all the screws before you put the frame assembly away.

    frame 1

    frame 2

    frame 3

    frame 4

    frame 5

    frame 6

    frame 7

    frame 8

    Adding the passage tube cover
    This procedure will not be too difficult if you’ve already had experience of the landing leg covers in Stages 43 and 47. The pins can be a bit tricky to get into their holes in TP-06 (especially if they are a tight fit), however, and you must support the lugs from below when you push tight-fitting pins into the lugs or the lugs might break off. The end of a screwdriver makes a good ‘suitable tool’ to push them in with. If one or other of the pins is loose, and you are using glue to hold it in position, push it in all the way quickly before the bond has time to form. When you glue the magnets into their holes in TP-07, you can hold them in place with a cocktail stick while the bond forms so you do not get your fingers covered in glue.

    panel 1

    panel 2

    panel 3

    panel 4

    panel 5

    panel 6

    panel 7

    panel 8

    Tidy up and store
    Put any unused parts away safely for use later; the advice still applies about not resting anything on top of the frame assembly while it’s being stored.

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