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    De Agostini

    In this stage you continue the assembly of the top frame, picking up where you left off last time. This time you add another two frame sections and the first of the top frame’s radial ribs. As with last time, there is nothing to tax the skills of anyone who has done the frame assembling up to this stage. The usual advice about supporting the frame while screwing in the screws does apply, as does how to get screw holes to align properly (see Build Diary for Stage 50). The long brass (coloured) screws are for the rib connector.

    Parts needed:
    Hull frame section TF-14 supplied with Issue 51
    Hull frame section TF-15 supplied with Issue 51
    Two radial rib sections supplied with Issue 51
    Rib connector supplied with Issue 51
    Four long brass (coloured) screws
    Three two-hole connectors supplied with Issue 51
    Gather together 15 short black button head screws


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 51 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2 or similar

    Assembling the top frames
    If you follow the steps set out in the assembly section of the magazine for Stage 51, you should find the new sections you add this time – TF-14 and TF-15 – go on without problems.

    frame 1

    frame 2

    frame 3

    frame 4

    frame 5

    frame 6

    frame 7

    frame 8

    frame 9

    Adding the radial rib
    Remember that the rib connector goes on with its closed side on the opposite side of the ribs to the flanges of the rib sections. When you screw the rib’s flanges to the frame you might have to apply some very gentle force to get the screw holes to align if the rib is not entirely straight.

    frame 10

    frame 11

    frame 12

    frame 13

    frame 14

    frame 15

    frame 16

    Tidy up and store
    Put any unused parts away safely for use later and store the top frame assembly carefully. The advice from last time applies again to not store it under any objects as their weight might make it deform.

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