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    De Agostini

    It’s another busy build in this stage and you will need to make use of both your gluing prowess and screwdriver skills as you attach five large panels over parts of the circle of hull plating you added to the frame last time. You then add three large details before adding a pair of cover plates to the rear housings before finally adding the two external machinery sub-assemblies and the small housing sub-assembly at the back of the rear housings. When you get the plant-on pipe details out the parts pack for their issues, you might want to write their issue numbers in pencil on their backs as they fit properly on one side of the machinery only (see Fitting the rear machinery, below). You might also want to use a old cushion to rest the Falcon on when you’re working on its inside instead of the jig if you find the jig on its board is a bit unwieldy to keep moving around on your work surface.

    Parts needed:
    BP-28 supplied with Issue 36 and last worked on in Stage 43
    Concussion missile mount supplied with Issue 35
    BP-27 supplied with Issue 35 and last worked on in Stage 43
    BP-29 supplied with Issue 43 and last worked on in Stage 43
    BP-31 supplied with Issue 47
    BP-30 supplied with Issue 47
    Rear housing detail (bridging detail) supplied with Issue 47
    Plant-on detail supplied with Issue 47
    Rear housing detail supplied with Issue 47
    Steel pins (x 8) supplied with Issue 47
    Port rear landing leg cover supplied with Issue 47
    Starboard rear landing leg cover supplied with Issue 47
    Magnets (x 8) supplied with Issue 47
    External machinery supplied with and last worked on in Issue 44
    External machinery supplied with and last worked on in Issue 45
    External housing supplied with and last worked on in Issue 45
    Plant-on pipe supplied with Issue 44
    Plant-on pipe supplied with Issue 45
    Gather together 38 silver self-tapping screws


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 47 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Screwdriver supplied with Issue 2 or similar
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks

    Fitting the centre housing
    When you add the concussion missile mount to BP-28, put the glue in the hole in the lugs on the mount and make sure you press over each of the lugs firmly and speedily so they go all the way home before the bonds form. When you attach BP-28 over the hull panelling, make sure the lugs are seated properly before you start screwing in the silver self-tapping screws. There are ten screws involved. Do them all up tight before you move on to the forward housings.

    centre 1

    centre 2

    centre 3

    centre 4

    cenre 5

    centre 7

    centre 8

    centre 9

    centre 10

    centre 11

    centre 12

    Fitting the forward housings
    The attachment of these should present no problems. Just remember to put the screws into the seven screw holes as shown in the magazine and not into any others. The screw holes at the ends of the angular recesses (which should NOT have screws put into them) can be identified because they stand proud of the frame when the housings are properly seated. Tighten all the screws up on each panel before you move on to the next.

    forward 1

    forward 2

    forward 3

    forward 4

    forward 5

    Fitting the rear housings
    The two rear housings are fitted in much the same way as the forward housings. Each of the panels requires seven of the silver self-tapping screws. When you’ve fixed BP-31 and BP-30, it’s time to add the rear housing detail (bridging detail). A test fit before you reach for the glue is a really good idea here as you might find that it fits much better one way round than the other (it is symmetrical so it does not matter which way round its fitted). When you glue it, push it in firmly and hold it down until the bonds form so that all the pins go into all the holes. The other two details only fit one way so if the lugs are reluctant to seat in their holes, you will just have to make sure they do so, applying gentle pressure with you fingers if needs be when you glue them down.

    rear 1

    rear 2

    rear 3

    rear 4

    rear 5

    rear 6

    rear 7

    rear 8

    rear 9

    rear 10

    Fitting the rear cover plates
    You’ve already had experience of fitting magnetically retained cover plates in Stage 43. The same advice applies here. Remember that if you have to use glue to hold a pin in place that you should push it into its hole firmly and rapidly so that it does not get stuck (literally) part way in. And do not overdo the glue in the small recesses that hold the small magnets. You might want to try holding the magnet down with a cocktail stick while the bond forms to avoid getting your finger stuck to it (if you’ve used a bit to much glue).

    plates 1

    plates 2

    plates 3

    plates 4

    plates 5

    Fitting the rear machinery
    The two items of machinery that you detailed in Stages 44 and 45 only fit one way. The external housing that you added detail to in 45 fits between them. Give all three sub-assemblies a test fit before you glue, just to make sure you know how they go on.
    Note that the plant-on pipe from 44 fits on the right of the housing when viewed as shown in the magazine and that from 45 on the left.

    machinery 1

    macinery 2

    machinery 3

    machinery 4

    machinery 5

    machinery 6

    machinery 7

    machinery 8

    machinery 9

    machinery 10

    machinery 11

    machinery 12

    machinery 13

    finished 1

    finished 2

    Tidy up and store
    Put any unused parts away safely for use later. Put the Falcon back on the jig.

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