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    De Agostini

    This stage is much the same as the first couple of sections of Stage 19, where you first added details to and then spray painted the port outer plating recess. The recess you work on this time – the starboard hull recess – is similar in size and shape, albeit a mirror image of the shape of the one in Stage 19, but the details you add to it are different. If you want to spray paint the recess after you’ve added the details, the techniques you use are the same as the ones used in Stage 19.

    Parts needed:
    Starboard hull recess supplied with Issue 42
    Sprue holding details for recess supplied with Issue 42


    Tools and other items needed
    If you do everything that is described in the Stage 42 Assembly section of the magazine you will need the following:
    Side cutters or similar
    Craft knife
    Needle file or fine sanding pads or sticks
    Cutting board
    Cyanoacrylate instant glue, also known as superglue
    Cocktail sticks
    Matt black acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt mid-grey acrylic modelling spray paint
    Matt light grey acrylic modelling spray paint

    Detailing the recess
    Remember that as with Stage 19, it’s important to follow the order specified for fitting the details to the recess as some fit on top of others and the ones below have to be put on first. And a test fit of each detail before you stick it down will help you anticipate any problems.

    Part (1) can be a tight fit so gently but firmly push it in all the way when you do a test fit. It fits from the outside of the recess and when fully home, its back should be level with the outside of the recess. Look for the areas that will be covered up and apply a drop of glue to them before inserting and holding the part in place while the bond forms.

    glue 1

    glue 2

    glue 3

    glue 4

    Some of the details are delicate –especially (2), (7) and (8) – so take extreme care when cutting them from the sprue and be careful when trimming off any excess plastic or moulding flash. When you fit part (2), the arch in the pipe should be closer to the centre of the recess and the bump should be facing the interior of the recess. Make sure you gently press down the ends of the pipe into the holes (into which you have put a drop of glue).

    glue 5

    glue 6

    glue 7

    Fixing (3) should be straightforward.

    glue 8

    The pins on the underneath of (4) are of different sizes and the detail will only fit one way round.

    glue 9

    glue 10

    glue 11

    Trim off any excess plastic from (5) with care. You will probably need tweezers to get it into the right position.

    glue 12

    glue 13

    glue 14

    glue 15

    Part (6) should be cut off the sprue with great care and will need extreme gentleness when tidying it up. It should be an easy fit into its slot, however.

    glue 16

    glue 17

    glue 18

    There are four pins on the underside of part (7) so take care that you get them into their correct holes when gluing.

    glue 19

    Part (8) is a long, thin delicate bit of piping, so cut it and trim it carefully before you test fit then glue it down.

    glue 20

    finish glue

    Painting the recess
    There is not much new to say regarding the spray painting of the recess. If you chose to paint the port recess in Stage 19, then all the same instructions apply to the starboard recess you are working on this time. For instance, you could again put the recess into an old cardboard box to catch the overspray. If you don’t, cover any areas near where you are spraying with plastic sheeting or similar so that your model does not get spattered. As before use acrylic matt finish spray paints for modelling (you probably have some left over from Stage 19) and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using them. And remember that less is more. You can always add more paint with another coat if you not put enough on. But if you spray too much – especially of the black – you might have the paint pool or run on the details and spoil the look.

    paint 1

    paint 2

    paint 3

    paint 4

    paint 5

    Tidy up and store
    Put any unused parts away safely for use later. Put the recess with your collection of assembled subcomponents.

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