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    Thankyou. No, no paperwork apart from an invoice for $0. It’s pretty straightforward to put together, there’s no instructions included. It just came in a little bubblebag.
    Yes i have seen Daz’s work. My downlights are just going to shine through holes and attached inside the hull. They will be detachable with neodym magnets with the doors attached to the legs. Each leg with doors comes off in one piece.
    Yep still toiling away. I’ll post until i have it finished. You gonna start a thread soon? I look forward to seeing your lights. 🙂



    Hey Freddie ,
    Thought of starting a thread earlier on , either here or the English ModelSpace forum . But quite honestly , it scared me to death , and I don’t think I’ve got anything to really contribute . I mean , I think I’ve got moderate model building skills and I really enjoy scratch – kit bashing , but there’s nothing I could share that others haven’t thought of or been better doing .
    I find it satisfying enough to just post some pics of my build ( when something’s worth sharing ! ) , for the feedback and feeling of community – and trying to ‘ borrow ‘ what so many others are truly gifted at . Besides due to other commitments , I’m pretty far behind at the moment . Picked up #56 & 57 few days ago , but haven’t assembled , painted anything since #35 !😳. Still working on the hold area when time permits though LOL!!



    I’ve finished the front centre landing doors. These doors are double doors. The other four doors I will be making folding tri-doors.
    I used 0.5mm plastic card. I cut lengths 11mm wide for these doors. The shapes were cut out and glued on top forming three layers. I followed the Deagostini leg cover design for the other doors, but for this one I used some artistic license as I didn’t want that big square shape at the back.

    The hinges were fiddly. The first attempt you can see in the lower left. It looks terrible, all crooked. In the end I decided to cut long strips 2mm wide out of 1mm card and cut that into small sections. Another strip 2mm wide but cut from 0.5mm card was cut into sections and then two of those sections were glued at the angle either side of the 1mm thick piece. As I mentioned, this was fiddly and took a lot longer but looks a lot better. Unfortunately I have another 12 of these to look forward to making for the other two front legs and another 16 for the rear legs. Arggh.

    Then they were stuck on.

    Cutting little grooves into the sides of the plates AFTER the legs were finished was nerve wracking. I was using a razor saw as this was the cleanest way to do it. Chiselling and carving was going to be too rough. Slow and steady was the key. Advice to anyone else doing this….do the doors first lol.

    I glued the magnets on as well. The whole leg and door setup can now be removed in one piece allowing a flight display if I choose from time to time.

    Here’s a couple of shots of it finished.

    And a few shots of it in the bay.

    Only four to go. 🙂

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    Damn…!!! Freddie that looks F#@king awesome…!!! I’ve got some work to do to make mine look half as good as yours…!!!



    Totally agree ! 👌🏼👍🏼✌🏼



    Thanks guys. After looking at ESB again to get the angles for the folding doors, i noticed the top half is longer. So i trimmed one side and was going to glue it to the other…then that became a little short…then i nearly trimmed thecentre of the three pieces…and…well…i just started again. It was easier. So i’m redoing the last four doors. Originally i had the doors in equal thirds (11mm wide) and now i have them 15mm and 10mm for the folding side and 9mm for the outside door. So…halfway through one door.



    The front landing doors are now done. As I said I remade them as the other ones were all equal size. Here’s a pic of the first version with the second version next to them followed by the original Deag covers.

    They were made the same way as the other doors. I layered 0.5mm plastic card sections together.

    For the folded doors I glued a small wedge in the groove to help secure the two pieces together. These were filed after gluing on at an angle. The arm hinges were made the same way as before but now set at a right angle.

    I wanted to use thin rod for the hydraulics but the rod wouldn’t stick properly and proved difficult to get the end angle cut accurately. I ended up cutting a 2mm strip and, using a drawn template as a guide, cut the hydraulic pieces so they would fit perfectly. They’re not round but that’s ok.

    It doesn’t look like it in the pic but the hydraulic pieces were glued squarely perpendicular to the door.

    With the hinge angles filed and the hydraulic pieces set straight, it was easy to glue the two doors together and have them sit nice and straight.

    The light washed out the far hydraulic so here’s another pic. They are both glued to the inside of each outside arm hinge for strength.

    And here they are finished…but only basecoated.



    Hi, oldmanemu,

    Thank you for posting photos of your magnificent scratchbuilding skills. I have not quite reached this part of my assembly yet, but now I know I must attempt to replicate what you are doing with the landing leg doors. Now I am looking forward to what you will do with the rear sets of doors. I wasn’t planning to go beyond the build as provided by DeAgostini, but you have shown me a great reason to do so.

    Thanks again!



    Thankyou FalconBuilder. I got the legs early as Jinnai was not using his. I get issue 60 tomorrow. I think it makes more sense for Deag to have released the legs much earlier as I have the legs on to work on the hull (lights etc) without needing the big plastic support thing they give us. I also have the bolts in facing upwards so I can flip the hull over when I need to.
    The landing leg doors are really just rectangles and squares stuck on top of each other, it’s the hinges that are fiddly, but you could stick the doors on any way you want though. There was probably an easier way. 🙂 Yes definitely have a go. I’ve never scratchbuilt before this and have surprised myself.



    I didn’t put any pics of the doors themselves in their stages so I thought I would this time for the rears. I have again gone with a bit of artistic license with these. In the movies they don’t have any texture on them and are really just smooth. The deleted Jabba scene from ANH has clear shots of the outer rear door and confirms for me the blurry shape of the doors seen in ESB. The inner door in this deleted scene is also a bifold door as in ESB. The front door in ANH appears identical to the ones in ESB so I assume they did not change them. I am not a fan of the ‘aztec’ doors in TFA so I went with a mix of what I saw in ANH and the supplied covers. Basically it is three rectangles 102mm long and each being 15mm, 10mm and 9mm wide. The 15mm and 10mm is the bifold door.

    I then added the textures that are on the supplied Deag leg hole cover. A 3mm long strip down the side, 88mm long plates and then a 9mm long plate with a 5mm gap in between. Each notch was cut out by pressing two cuts with a square edge blade and bending and snapping the inside out. There’s an overhang on the 9mm strip for the ‘squarewave edge’ to be cut out.

    Then it was a matter of copying the leg hole cover for the squares and rectangles. Each piece was trimmed out from scrap pieces and glued down. The 9mm door has big square plates like that in ANH but the rest is smooth. I added the little textural bits to make them consistent to match the others.

    Now onto making more hinges….

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