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    Oh what a surprise yet another post removed perhaps they have issues with somebody having a grievance with the publisher’s so come on de agostini how about addressing some of our questions instead of removing them and hoping they go away and giving us some answers that we can actually relate to for once


    De Agostini

    Dear members of this thread,

    We are currently looking into the situation.

    Updates will follow in due course, but until then we appreciate your patience while we look into this matter.


    DeAg Admin



    Thanks for the response, DeAg…

    Does this mean we may potentially be provided with corrected replacement quad cannons along with the other missing pieces referred to in the following post you made in the “missing pieces” thread on Jan 6th:

    Dear members of this forum,
    After receiving feedback from the manufacturer and experts, we have come to the conclusion that most (not all) of the parts highlighted as missing, are indeed omissions from the original prop. As such, we will be replacing them in due course, although as they will need to be designed and manufactured, the specifics of how they will be dispatched have yet to be clarified. In the coming weeks we hope to have a bit more clarity.
    Of the parts highlighted in the original post relating to this topic, we will be providing all parts with the exception of the ‘KGV’ ones highlighted in the final image, which have been deemed by the consultant to be inconclusive as to whether they were part of the original prop. It seems there may have been pieces there but they were never included on the Master Replicas version and as such, there is no accurate reference to model the parts on. Further information on when the parts will be ready will be forthcoming in the near future.
    We hope that the replacements of these parts will be welcome news to all subscribers, and we appreciate your patience in having waited for a response.
    DeAgostini Admin

    Thanks again!!



    Hi DeAg,

    Just hoping for an update to your post on 10th Jan…
    Could you possibly just let us know if ‘looking into the situation’ means you may be providing replacement cannons?

    Please let us know…




    Just got a message:

    “We are currently still working on a solution to allow people not wishing to paint the model – we will most likely manufacture a short run of cannons in the same material as the hull plating to allow customers who don\’t wish to paint the model to just slot them in.
    Please keep an eye on the forum in the coming weeks for more information.
    DeAg Admin”



    They’re proper experts in fobbing people off aren’t they.




Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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