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    I wanted to ask why the top and bottom quad cannons have been supplied in unpainted die cast?

    The painting guidelines for issue 99 say to simply spray them insignia white, but that would mean they are completely mismatched to the rest of the hull plating…
    I was hoping to not do any major painting to the hull at all, but the cannons are going to stick out like a sore thumb if they don’t match the hull…
    It seems like the quads, a major focal point on the model, have been left as an afterthought…

    Is this something that is going to be addressed properly and possibly corrected?


    Issue 99 painting guidelines

    Issue 99 Build diary

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    De Agostini

    Dear MonkeyKing,

    During the production of this model, we conducted surveys to ascertain key features that customers would like to have included, and one of the most popular features was to have some real metal details.
    We therefore decided that the gun turrets were the most appropriate feature of the model to mould in metal and include in the final model.

    In terms of painting, the guide advises to spray the guns insignia white, and then apply some weathering. If you would like some more detailed instructions on how to achieve this weathered look, please send us a direct message and we can follow this up with our model expert.

    We hope you continue to enjoy your build.

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin



    umm….But the landing gear that supports the whole weight of the model was not a better choice if you had to do anything in metal details because of popular demand? Just curious. Sorry, not trying to post disparaging remarks, just genuinely curious about the design thoughts behind your products so I can decide if I’d want to order the other unmentionable kit being offered.



    De Agostini

    Dear niart17,

    With respect to the landing legs, please see the below remarks from our “Landing Leg Doors” thread:

    “…They were omitted from the final design after consultation with the licensor, Disney, due to complications arising from the use of different models in the filming of the original trilogy.

    The prop that we based our model on was designed for the numerous flying shots that occur in the films, and consequently, only had legs attached for a brief sequence when the ship lands on an asteroid. These legs were only modelled temporarily, as they were barely in the shot, and were therefore not available as reference material when our model was being designed. In fact, there is very little documentation or illustration in the archive material relating to the legs.

    Also, in order to include doors that would have covered the recesses containing the retracted legs, we would have had to drastically alter the design of our model. This was not authorised by Disney, since it would have compromised the ship’s canonical accuracy.

    Due to this complication, it was deemed that the most faithful way to replicate the ship as it appears in the films was to omit this detail, despite the “functional” issue that this would present.”

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin



    I think your question went over their heads niart17. 0_o

    Deag, why not just put a thread together with tips from your “model expert”? Might be usefull.



    [also sent via direct message]

    Thank you for your response to my query regarding the quad cannon painting guidelines.

    Unfortunately, your response does not resolve the issue to which I am referring.

    Even after following the guidelines to spray the cannons Insignia white and apply some weathering, the cannons will still not match the supplied hull plating, as they should if they are indeed to be accurate to the filming miniature, which would logically mean one would also need to spray and apply weathering to the entire hull, both top and bottom.
    In other words, a full custom repaint.

    Although I appreciate your reasons for wanting to include metal parts, the decision to mould the cannons in metal constitutes a major deviation from the original filming miniature, contradicting the original intent to provide the level of accuracy that you have stated throughout the build, and within this very thread in regards to the landing leg doors.

    This obviously represents a major problem for those of us trying to avoid a full repaint.

    I would be very grateful if your model expert could provide detailed instructions and specific materials, paint colours, etc. to match the quad cannons to the original stock supplied parts so as to avoid the full repaint mentioned above, or else provide replacement cannons moulded in the same stock material and colour as the rest of the model.

    Many thanks!!



    Follow this link to Cannon Painting

    It may not be the best answer but may help in achieving a much better result than the suggested alternative.

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    Thanks, man… I did see that thread and may have to go that route, but what I’m really trying to do is get DeAg to recognise the problem and rectify it themselves…

    I’m really fed up with these basic but unacknowledged issues that keep forcing me towards having to risk a full repaint… I really, really don’t want to

    And those damn cannons are really making me mad… Whoever signed off on supplying them in unfinished die-cast should be pushed out of an airlock!!

    “Pre-painted parts… No glue required… Most accurate ever…”

    2 years and £1000 later, I know this kit is still an amazing piece of engineering, but I still can’t help feeling a bit like I was mugged!!

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    The question definitely went over deagostini head… especially seeing as the question was about why they didn’t die cast the landing leg instead of the canons… they just cut & paste an answer about why there’s no open landing leg doors… goes to show how much notice they take of the questions we have… especially when this kit doesn’t have everything they said it would…



    The suggestion to spray the quad cannons goes along with the assumption that you are doing a full repaint. It even says that in the instructions….of course it says that AFTER saying to hit it with primer.

    Seeing as how they didn’t do ANY of the ventral panel colors at all it seems like they assume everyone would display the model in a way that the bottom would never be seen.

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