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    Hi folks,

    Well I have finished it, finally!. 🙂
    I have got a plastic display case for it, I still have to make a wooden base for it, but I have just put the display case over it for now, to keep the dust off.

    I also bought some transparent thing blue plastic sheet from a art shop and put it over the rear white engine light (I didn’t like it).

    Also not too keen on the lower bottom engine flaps as its too plain no detail, I was thinking of either adding detail to it, or cutting into the flaps, but I have finished for now, so having a break will decide later on what to do with that.

    Heres some pics anyways, cheers…

    rear engine001
    rear engine 002



    Very nice indeed mate well done ! Lovely model is it not . Are you going to do r2 or the x wing ?



    cheers Volka, I am doing the R2 build, upto issue 16, its a bit of a slower build I think



    Hey pretorius ,
    Congratulations on what looks a fine lady indeed !👌🏼 . How’re you feeling now that it’s done & dusted ( 99.99% ) 😜 ?…you planning to add the ‘ missing ‘ parts when deago finally gets them shipped out right ? .
    Re ; the ‘plain’ looking engine flaps , I’m hoping to scratch ( if possible ) something out ( only on #73 here ) , I’ve already spent way more than planned on aftermarket parts ! . There’s a guy on the RPF – @craig g , who tackled this by finishing it via some terrific paintwork .

    Anyhoo , thanks for sharing & posting mate . Good luck with your future builds ! .
    Cheers Ged 👍🏼✌🏼



    cheers Gedmac,

    Yeah I will be adding the missing parts, when they arrive.

    I think its a brilliant model, and the 1st in many a year I have built and truely have enjoyed the build.
    I will deffo be doing something with the engine flaps (especially the bottom ones which you can see more)as its far to plain and flat, I am either going t add some detail there, or cut into the plastic to make it look more like flaps instead of one piece of plastic, but weathering it via paint might also just do it, I may give that a go 1st.

    cheers pretorius



    Is that case 6mm or 4.5mm thick? I got a quote for one 4.5mm thick but 6mm might be stronger. I was going to get 4.5 as i guessed it might be clearer. If yours is 6mm that looks fine to me.



    I’m doing r2 now after finishing the falcon . Up to 24 ! Finding it much different to the falcon ..hardly any parts in the issues and hardly anything to do..also no weathering or painting. I think with r2 its best to do any painting and weathering at the end ..



    Well done Pretorius!

    I do like the case and it’s so good seeing another falcon completed and looking so good, I agree the sub light engine area was a bit of a let-down in the build, but the movie prop didn’t have much detail there, cutting between the vector plates and adding detail to the flats to enhance the large flat area does make a big difference to the overall look of the Falcon. You just need a steady hand and nerves of steel as once you start cutting theirs no going back, I’ve just finished painting the main hull of my Falcon and the sub light area with the separated flaps looks much better, it was a lot of extra work, but I think it was the right thing to do.



    Cheers all, I think with the sublight I wil deffo be going the Daz way, just take the shapeways enginge grill out etc, and start cutting :/, what I was also thinking of doing was buying another set of the flaps from ebay and modify them to fit add them to the bottom.

    As for the R2 I at the mo are weathering as I go along, like the metal bits of the leg I think this would be hard to weather when in the leg, also the concave areas the metal bits go in, I used a wash, the metal bits look miles better weathered than all shiney and new(I used oil on these), also used gun metal to weather the edges of the rest of the leg.

    I do think this build is padded out compared to the Falcon, seen some issue builds on YouTube and they last 5 mins, putting bits of plastic together hardly worth a tenna, hey ho its gonna look good though..


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    The display case is 4.5mm thick, and weighs a ton….

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