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    What do you mean? I didn’t text, I emailed and got messages saying server does not accept emails from yahoo accounts! Anyhow I have successfully phoned someone and passed on my details. Hopefully I’ll get the pack of missing pieces.



    I was a subscriber so should get this sent out automatically but have moved house since issue 100; I have just tried this number to make sure it gets sent to the new address and got the message that “This number is not in use.” What now, Deag?


    De Agostini

    The update says to contact our customer services on 0333 300 1517, therefore you need to call rather than email.

    I have just checked/called the 0333 300 1517 number, it is in use/working ok.



    Thanks for the quick response Admin ( to #28877 ) ,
    Looking forward to future update regarding these parts when appropo .

    Cheers Ged



    There’s a French language version diagram of these parts. It’s one page showing eight parts. Is that all we are getting?



    Please share the link. I want to see what you are referring to.



    It’s on Facebook. It’s in a few build groups.



    The comments on facebook aren’t of praise lol. Don’t expect much. They’re inaccurate, basically the revised cockpit all over again. Deag used Dymszo’s Falcon as reference again obviously.


    De Agostini

    Dear Forum Members,

    Please view the link copied below which shows official build instructions for the additional greeblies, and their placement on the Millennium Falcon model.

    These parts will allow you to complete your model in accordance with the archived scans of the Millennium Falcon “Empire Strikes Back” studio model.

    Please note: All subscribers who have already reached issue 100 will automatically be sent a unit of these parts, but any retail (Newsagent) customers who have already finished their collection will need to our contact Customer Services on0333 300 1517 and provide their details.

    Any AU customers (or customers from other territories other than UK & USA), we will update you closer to the time with information on how the parts will be supplied.

    Any further detail of availability will be advised once we have parts in hand.

    We would like to thank you for your patience in receiving these final parts and look forward to seeing photos of your completed Millennium Falcon models.

    Kind Regards
    DeAgostini UK



    Yep, that’s the same one, but now in English.

Viewing 10 posts - 161 through 170 (of 220 total)

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