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    I see the Falcon as incomplete at the moment, I will not sign up to another part work until this one is complete….
    I’d like R2 which will probable have finished it’s run before the Falcon is finished, I’d like the X-Wing, but until the Falcon is finished. no go…

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    We have all been very patient so far.

    I do now feel that perhaps it is time to involve Trading Standards. I had previously spoken to them about this issue but then Deago promised to get the issue resolved.

    I think it is now time to contact them again.



    I posted this in the other ‘how much longer?’ post .. but it still applies.

    Tooling plastic parts is not fast … if they were inadvertently left off the tooling list as seems likely they can’t replace them that fast and trading standards are unlikely to A make it happen faster and B want to get involved ..
    We signed up for a partwork that is for most of us 99 percent complete .. and the outstanding parts have been guaranteed gratis … so its a waiting game.

    Trading standards is there primary to stop fraud and for customer safety … Deago isn’t involved in either of these.

    Can i pit a little perspective on this as i am in the business so i have to tell you its not that quick …

    Pattern making – 1 weeks CAD
    Tooling models – 1.5 to 2 weeks
    Tool start – basic tooling on anything is 70 -90 days … thats for any component thats injection moulded.
    Then you have 1st EP (first tool shots)… thats another 2 weeks
    Then 2nd EP … final shots assuming all is well … another 2 weeks
    then you have to transfer the tool to the factory AND hope you get a production slot …. factory try and run full on as much as possible
    then you have to start ramping up for production .. so thats X number of sprues or components per week ….
    Production – X number of days/weeks for producing components

    … and all that is without bagging, printing, packing AND boxing up …. So given the number of kits sold WW thats no small beans

    then you have:
    Shipping (3.5 weeks on a fast boat depending on where its going) or airfreight but thats V expensive)
    Docks including customs
    warehousing and dispatch.

    minimum 5 months …. and thats assuming everything goes well all the way down the line and they can get a toolmaker and factory slot …

    So to be clear this isn’t going to happen fast if we assume they started sorting this when most of us reached our final issues just a few months ago … I’d say give the guys a break ..i’m pretty sure they will come through for us … and let us know when the parts will dispatch.

    To be clear i understand the frustration and lack of information BUT logistically is suspect DA will want to coordinate the shipping of these parts so they all dispatch to the various WW consumers at the same time …

    lets wait for the updates

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    Six months have passed​ since the start of this thread.
    Very few responses from DeAgostini in that time frame.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would keep your paying customers up to date on the progress of the promised missing parts.

    DeAgostini’s customer service is and has been very poor and needs attention and correction.

    DeAgostini, please listen to your customers as they are letting you know what is wrong with your operational procedures. This information is vital to making your company better. Not responding or doing anything sends the wrong message to your customers.

    So I ask you again, please provide an update on the missing parts.

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    What he said!



    I agree, some idea of a time line when we will able to get them would really help are we still talking months or weeks.



    An update from DeAgostini would be greatly appreciated as I’m holding back my build till get all the parts.


    stuart ince

    lets face it guys and girls it ain’t never gonna happen,they are just fobbing us off so they get more sales world wide



    If we get any at all its going to only be the ones Deag missed off of the MR Falcon. This is after all the MR in kit form. I doubt Deag even had any direct dealings with Lucasfilm/Disney over this. They go through Dymszo. If its not on Dymszo’s Falcon, we’re not getting it. So that makes, what, maybe seven missing greeblies?



    Not entirely true, oldman, I believe that the kit as it stands already (without the missing pieces) has a few parts not found on the MR Falcon. I’m going off my memory so I could be wrong. With Dymszo involved in the project it is very similar to the MR Falcon, but not a complete copy as I understand it. DeAgostini has already told us what parts we were going to get.

    For the guys flipping out over the time it’s taking to get done: Here is a little perspective, they’re a bonus to an already great kit and they’re free.The best thing you can do now is learn patience and forget about the missing parts. I’m totally serious. If you’ve made it to issue 100 then finish your model. Complete it how you like, display it and move on. Enjoy the forrest and not the trees of what you’ve accomplished. You know the missing parts are coming so why panic? When the parts do show up it’s really easy to paint them and add them. It’s not like you’re missing something like the cockpit that would drastically alter the look of the kit leaving it incomplete. The parts are pretty insignificant to the untrained eye. Most people won’t even notice the parts once they’re added. If you haven’t reached issue 100 yet, again, why panic? You’re not even finished collecting the main kit.

    My point is, the parts are coming. Deag has said so. As explained rather well by Archangel a few posts up, these things take time to co-ordinate and execute. This is a concept that appears to be beyond the grasp of most in todays instant gratification world. It’s going to happen when it happens. No amount of crying, stomping your feet, or making demands for an update will change that. Make peace with it and build your kit. Not having these parts will not impede your ability to finish the kit, they’re just window dressing.

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