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    De Agostini

    Dear Participants to this thread,

    De Agostini would like to once again thank you for your patience in this matter.

    We understand that it is frustrating having to wait for the parts, we are doing our utmost to expedite this process.

    Once the parts are manufactured, we will send them out in a special pack, (not an issue), which will of course be ‘free of charge’ to ALL participants of the Millennium Falcon build.

    Details will be posted here once the packs have been put together and become available.


    De Agostini Admin



    Dear admin thanks for the update very welcome news indeed a question though if I may regarding quantities will there be enough packs to satisfy demand I’m only concerned as I was a newsagent subscriber and had one Or two issues with deliveries



    Thanks for the update, but it doesnt really answer any questions. Can we be told exactly which parts are being manufactured? All you’ve reallysaid is you’re not making the King George V part.


    Habba The Jutt

    Dear Agostini, will the “parts are manufactured, we will send them out in a special pack, (not an issue)” be available to those that have bought the kit through third-party vendors (ie local newsagent)? Will the ‘upgrade’ be free to subcribers and will non-subscibers have to pay?

    Habba 🙂



    Don’t know if it’s relevant @Habba The Jutt , ( where’s home mate ? ) but Deagostini came through re ; the ‘ replacement 3 – piece cockpit ‘ for builders here in Oz , ones they ‘ thought ‘ were issued when subs started here in early 2016 ala France , Japan etc…
    I’m a newsagent sub myself and after contacting Deagostini direct received the cockpit free of charge ( mailed directly ) .
    When I last spoke to a deago rep , they didn’t know what I was referring to regarding the missing parts ( we’re only up to #57 ) , but I’m hoping that when said parts are available , they’ll do the right thing as well . No word on cost ? , but seems to me that they’ve admitted an oversight and hopefully they’ll supply said parts as part of this incredible build ( free ) .

    Cheers Ged 😉


    De Agostini

    The additional pack will be free to those that have purchased (subscriber or newsagent customer), it will not be available to purchase. Further detail of how to obtain will be posted here once we are ready to ship.



    Cool 🙂
    Will the quad cannons be sent out the same to replace the metal ones. 🙂



    Replacement cannons? Huh!



    Thanks Deagostini re ; post#28551 ,
    Really looking forward to ( hopefully final update…regarding these missing parts being supplied – not too far away now ! 😜) , completing what has so far been a terrific product .

    Cheers Ged 👍🏼✌🏼

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    As stated , you’ll be supplying the parts ‘ free ‘ for direct & newsagent subscribers . Being a newsagent sub , I had to contact ‘ Bissett ‘ here in Australia to obtain the ‘ missing ‘ revised 3 – piece cockpit . Will this action apply to the missing parts also , or will you post alternative methods of obtaining said parts ?

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