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    Dear Deagostini,

    There have been a few parts identified on various threads that show parts are missing from the finished model. I feel to make due on your promise of the “most accurate Falcon produced” that you must provide these pieces. They could easily be provided in a bonus issue. I would be happy to send some reference identifying these parts if your willing to make due on your original advertising.




    It would be nice to hear de agostini on this issue however I think maybe there thoughts are already elsewhere its a shame these promises aren’t being made good on or worse just ignored much to the detriment of the model which could have been something really special sometimes in my opinion money making could take a back seat to customer satisfaction surely the customer should always be right or at the very least listened to and it would go a long way to redeeming some reputation in my eyes if they gave this matter some SERIOUS thought so come on de agostini throw your hat in the ring



    The following known parts are not included with the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Kit.
    This information is current as of 12/4/2016.

    Tamiya Sd.Kfz.222 Leichter Panzerspahwagen (4×4) (part# 4 & 5)
    sd.kfz. 222

    Tamiya 1/700 german battlecruiser scharnhorst

    REVELL 1/48 B29 Superfortress (Part# 113)

    Tamiya 1/700 British Battleship King George V
    King George V

    Tamiya 1/700 British Hood & E Class Destroyer

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    I highly doubt you will receive any acknowledgement from De Agostini regarding these missing parts. I’m sure anyone wanting a complete model will have to buy 3D printed parts… once someone makes them available on Shapeways.



    Well you can’t blame us for trying! It is an incomplete kit without these parts. I shouldn’t have to go out and buy 3d printed parts when I paid them plenty of money to do it for me. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt that they may have just missed it and help them make good on their commitment. Besides this is different than someone complaining about missing issues or asking for something that isn’t on the original model. (E.g. decals, engine grill, etc…) These parts are clearly on the model. They went out of their way to provide missing parts that have fallen off over the years, but not provide ones that are clearly there.

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    I was going to do the R2 D2 build but not after this so they have missed out on my £900.



    DeAgostini, if you read this please know you have tarnished your representation quite a few times during this subscription. Examples are and not limited to… TP1, TP2, Couch, poor communications, missing known parts and lack of reference photos.

    I already have purchased the kits I mentioned above hence why I did not ask you, DeAgostini, for a resolve. Please know, I just wanted to pass on the information on what parts are missing to all of my fellow model builders.

    My lesson was learned early on from DeAgostini (TP1 & TP2). Do not ask because DeAgostini will not do.

    DeAgostini, you really should step forward. Show not just your subscribers but everyone how good of a company you claim to be.
    Supply the missing parts (see above) free of charge to all subscribers and offer a special issue to those who purchased the kit off of the news stand.

    Concerning the kits I purchased shown above, I will try to cast the missing parts. This is so I do not ruin the original kits that the parts come from. Knowing DeAgostini will not do what I suggest.

    To say I am upset is an understatement. Many of us are nearly finished with this subscription. Cancellation is not a word I can personally use. I have (like many) invested a lot of money and time into this kit. I still have even more time and money that I will be putting into this kit once my subscription is finished. Some of this time and money could have been saved if DeAgostini would have done the right thing from the start.



    This was my second part build and after the tour de force that hms victory was I can’t help thinking that they have lost their way (de agostini ) there ship models are a joy to build and stunning replicas and I have to admit grudgingly that If I had any issues customer service was second to none that said this model has been a comedy of errors and mismanagement on their part if I was a M.D. of a company like this I would be worried about how much revenue they could possibly stand to lose why should VALUED customers have to pay out even more money for things promised or that should have been there from the very beginning (I seem to remember hearing something like the most detailed and accurate model ever digitally scanned from the studio model exact replica etc etc ) and now it would seem they gave all gone deaf now we have reached 100 and they have no longer anything to make money off from us very disillusioned and HIGHLY unlikely to build another offering from them ever



    Think what would happen if every unhappy customer emailed Disney , so many disgruntled and hacked off customers …
    Not a good thing , especially with Deagostini having a contract with them to supply and manage these Star Wars merchandise
    Anything like this is a licence to print money, and for them to receive an award from Disney for this article after all the complaints etc etc
    Customer leads with his wallet , in this case leaves and doesn’t come back , not great publicity ,
    I have been lucky , but still had to buy corrected parts elsewhere , at the start customer service was a joke, only when I got talking to admin on here and finally emailed higher up the food chain did I get some joy.



    I won’t be doing the R2 build , this will be my last part work

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