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    De Agostini

    Dear forum members,

    For all those wishing to paint their finished falcon model, the paint kits are now available online. Please follow the link below to order, or fill out the inserts which will be in the next allocation you receive.

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin



    Are the colours in the kit supposed to be used “as is” i.e. No specific mixing to get the right shade of red etc?

    Steve dosen’t really refer to the colours in his videos (apart from the insignia white). I would like to know if the red, grey, brown etc are reccomended to be used unmixed for the panel colourings?




    stuart ince

    i bought my own paints yesterday,cheaper than what deago are charging


    De Agostini

    Hi majortom,

    The paints are designed to be used basically “as is”, but as we explain on page 13 of Issue 48, ILM used overlays of various shades and some mixing will be necessary to achieve exactly the same effect.
    We will be printing full-size colour paint guides towards the end of the series – as well as the download reference photos.

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin



    I so wish 2 cans would have done mine so far. Ive been very careful and apart from repainting 2 sections once i have use 7 of my 10 tins……and i have just been dusting coats for an even finish without compromising the ships details



    Hello DeAgostini,

    I just read this post from August. Are the full size colour paint guides available ? If not, is there any estimated timing for them ?



    For those interested in buying the paints individually they are as follows

    AS20 Insignia White (spray Can)
    XF1 Flat Black
    XF2 Flat White
    XF3 Flat Yellow
    XF7 Flat Red
    XF18 Medium Blue
    XF33 Neutral Grey
    XF64 Red/ Brown
    AS27 Gunship Grey
    X2 Tamiya fine surface primer
    Tamiya paint thinner

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    @the blackwolf
    thank you for that information

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    I think they add up to under £20.00 but I would check these guys out for paints -> (nope I don’t work for them!)
    I also find that they carry some pretty good stock of weathering paints and books on weathering, which although are for military models should work pretty well for this model if you are selective in what you are looking for

    I find MIG and AK Interactive paints are the best..



    Weathering Scheme

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