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    De Agostini

    Its not the fault of the 9v adapter.

    Do you still have the 6v battery plugged in at the same time as the 9v adapter?

    Have you checked that the plug connection from the switch to the board is good? Possibly the test switch is at fault, it gets a lot of use during testing and could now be faulty. The only way to replace the switch is replace the board, however check that the power works using the remote control as this will indentify for certain if it is the switch or not.



    Hi not using the 6v batt while using the 9v adapter tested it again still doing the same thing can’t test it with the remote have not got it yet on issue 93. Have to wait till after new year which is a bit of a pain wanted to get top of falcon fitted way before then.. Cheers. Neil



    Is this ok for U.K.
    Input : 110~240V AC 50/60HZ
    Output : DC 5V 2A 3 Pin UK 3

    It’s 5V and l know there’s a 9V version, so much cheaper to shop for one.

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    Trader Sam

    For the U.S. version, what is the size of the plug (that goes into the Falcon), and is the center of that plug positive or negative?


    Habba The Jutt

    Power adaptors can be tricky. if your not savvy with Volts/amperage, positive/negative. If people need to get a new pwer adaptor what should they look for/ need to get?

    Habba 🙂



    Think of the amperage as a waiter delivering 9v of electrical goodness to all your lights etc on the standard Falcon.
    The powers that be have already decided that a 1 amp (also might be known as 1000mA) mains adapter will do. So the little waiter mentioned above is able to quite happily supply the electronics with the electricity needed.

    If like me, you’ve been adding a few extra lights, then the poor little waiter might not be able to cope. What you’ll end up with is dim lights and the mains adapter getting hot and possibly failing or if a cheep nasty one, catching fire.

    Obviously, every build is different, but for me, I would be looking for a 2 to 3 amp mains adapter, just to ensure everything gets powered correctly. A higher amperage mains adapter wont do any damage, it just means that the electronics can pull up to 3 amps of electricity if needed.
    If you stick a 1A mains adapter on your Falcon and leave it on for a while and find that the adapter is getting really hot, then your Falcon is trying to draw more electricity than your adapter could possibly handle. You’ll need then to start looking for one with a higher amperage.

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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