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    De Agostini

    The Millennium Falcon Full kit is now available as a Pre-Order for international delivery only!

    Only the first 25 orders will be dispatched before Christmas. We will fulfill the rest after!

    May the Force be with you!



    How about getting all the back orders out to the people that have subscribed to Deagostini first.
    In my opinion if you can afford it this way, DO IT. You wont be waiting around for missing issues so you can move on to the next step.

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    I see they’re still using the same advertising material, open floor bays in hold, pre painted, just like the movie. Lol what’s with that airbrush they’re trying to flog. That is a joke right?



    This is a bit annoying when a committed subscriber like me needs a replacement circuit board after it got burnt out, who then emails to ask to buy a back issue to replace it only to be told I can’t buy it any time soon because they’re out of stock, so had to resort to paying £30 for 1 issue off ebay as I desperately needed one.

    A bit greedy in my opinion, not good enough Deag!



    Also as a subscription your first issue was £2.99 with a free t shirt , second subscription was half price with one free issue and a free binder(iirc), then free han solo figure and a free wall mount at the end, better off subscribing



    Agreed, it will take a long time to fully build and paint the entire model anyway, iv’e spent 2 years doing this practically as a 2nd job because so much work has had to go into it.

    If I ordered the full kit it would have taken me about 2 years to finish anyway lol, so you might as well go for the subscription freebies, instead of paying the full £899 with no discount for bulk purchasing 100 issues!

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