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    Trader Sam

    Just to make sure, is the 23AE the same as an A23 here in the U.S.? That’s what my online research is pointing to.



    Yeah… they are one & the same…



    I’m powering my lights using both sources, the mains plug for all the standard supplied lighting, and iv’e got 2 battery packs with rechargeable 9V batteries hidden inside where the supplied battery pack is supposed to go. 1 pack is for the main hold custom LED’s which I only need to switch on when I open the top off to look inside, and I have 1 pack leading to a switch inside one of the engine recesses to turn the cockpit fiber optics on whenever I want to.

    The only one thing i’m worried about is battery corrosion if they’re left in for a long time, but at least on the plus side battery packs are cheap and can be replaced and there won’t be any direct damage to the model itself if that ever happens.



    Are we not getting the free wall mount also with the last issue? Hope so!



    The wee 12volt battery is used in car remotes sometimes. It looks like a stumpy AAA. Mine has lasted 5 years in the cars remote so far…



    Lol, maybe I didn’t need 5 batteries then, by the time the first one has ran out the rest will have died on their own.



    Hey Subzero, you wouldn’t have any plan or pics of your lighting setup would you ? I’m trying to work out how to power additional lighting for the cockpit and hold area. Not sure if you can PM on this forum ?

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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