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    As i am waiting until i receive all my issues before even attempting to build this magnificent model, i was just wondering if deagostini would ever think about releasing a complete instruction booklet at the end of the run?, Instead of having to look through 100 issues inside of 5 large heavy binders when the time comes to building it.

    A small handbook would be great, along with a complete inventory of all parts

    Or would this be asking too much?


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    I can’t remember who the publisher of the 007 DB5 was. Once that had completed, they published an extra final issue that had a customised dust cover for the car along with the whole build guide in one magazine.

    Maybe this is a norm. I’m not too sure, but could be a nice end to the publication. Maybe instead of a dust cover a build plaque would be a nice touch. I have seen an unofficial one mentioned many months ago.

    Shouldn’t be too much additional work for DeAgostini too as all the information is there and could just be copied rather than making a new mag each week.



    A choice between a wall mount or a display plinth similar to the one that came with the master replicas version would be great as well!

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    De Agostini

    Dear posters in this thread,

    I can confirm that we will be publishing a final all-in-one guide at the end of the publication. As we’re still a way off the end of the publication, everything is very much still in the planning phase, so any suggestions regarding a potential gift in the final publication are welcome.


    DeAgostini Admin



    final gift suggestion,………. to scale ( 1:43 ) chewie, Han, C3PO, R2-D2, 2x Stormtroopers



    A glasS Square acrylic display case as alternative to wall mount or A brass plague with the number of the modellers subscription!!!



    A set of scale figures that could be used in any display of the model.



    “final gift suggestion,………. to scale ( 1:43 ) chewie, Han, C3PO, R2-D2, 2x Stormtroopers”

    great idea…would finish it off nicely.



    An Acrylic Display case. If you like it or not we are all going to need one for it to display, protect for the future from dust and move house etc as it’s an investment.
    I’d rather Deagostini didn’t offer us the free display wall mount which looks like a tv mount but offer that as a buy it option and create instead a descent display case. Trying to find one as an after market part will be pretty pricey and difficult.
    If they can’t offer a display case free I hope they create one available to buy as I will need one. A model of this size and intricate detail will defiantly need to be covered.

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    What ever happened to this?

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