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    I thought that I give a quick tutorial for those of you that would like to post photos on here and are struggling to do so.

    To add your profile photo, you need to use the following website

    To add photos to your post (please note that I’m using windows on a laptop and the instructions might differ for other handheld devices)

    1. Up load your photo to a photo hosting site eg..photobucket

    2. Click on the direct link URL to copy it (Cursor shows where to click in all of the photos), it should flash an orange/yellow colour for a split second and the URL will changed for a spit second to “copied” or you can scroll over it and right click to copy. You will need to do this step before you move onto the next. If you are posting more than one photo, you might want to open up 2 windows, one for this website and the other for your photo hosting website.

    3. Once you have copied your URL, then open up your reply box on this forum and click on the IMG tag.

    4. This will bring up a window with the words “http://” written in it (highlighted in blue), this needs to be deleted.

    5. Now paste the URL into the bar. (If you forgot to copy the URL prior this step, then close this little box and then go back to number 2 in the above instructions to copy the URL)

    6. Click OK

    7. Another window will pop up for you to enter a description which is optional, then click OK.

    8. You have now added your image to your post and repeat above to add more photos.

    9. Once you are happy with your post, then you can submit your post.

    I hope that this info will help you.

    Roy 🙂

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    Blood Jedi

    Thanks for the info Royjess.



    Your most welcome Blood Jedi,

    The gravatar site was recommended with thanks to Chefhawk.

    If there is anything that I’ve missed out or not clear on, please don’t hesitate to ask and if there is a variation on the instructions for other hand held devices, please feel free to post on this thread.



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    How do I change my avatar for these forums? I’ve created a Gravatar account, added an avatar to my Gravatar.. Now what do I do to get my avatar into these forums??


    Sorry it transfers automatically as you can see, yet for future reference, anyone else asking the same question, your avatar will stay as the default on the top right hand corner of this website next to your username but when you post your avatar shows on your post as mine is now.

    EDIT AGAIN: (lol)

    It shows on the right hand corner, just takes time and a few refreshes I guess 🙂

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