how much longer for the missing parts?

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    stuart ince

    we are still awaiting the missing there a problem?????? after all the money spent in 2 years surely you can come up with the items quickly? very dissatisfied 🙁




    Im in the business so i have to tell you its not that quick … I know we all want this and some (not me) feel greivuously wronged by DeAgostini … but lets be realistic.

    Pattern making – 1 weeks CAD
    Tooling models – 1.5 to 2 weeks
    Tool start – basic tooling on anything is 70 -90 days … thats for any component thats injection moulded.
    Then you have 1st EP (first tool shots)… thats another 2 weeks
    Then 2nd EP … final shots assuming all is well … another 2 weeks
    then you have to transfer the tool to the factory AND hope you get a production slot …. factory try and run full on as much as possible
    then you have to start ramping up for production .. so thats X number of sprues or components per week ….

    … and all thatches without bagging, inspection and boxing up …. given the number of kits sold thats no small beans

    then you have
    Shipping (3.5 weeks on a fast boat depending on where its going) or airfreight but thats expensive)
    Docks including customs
    warehousing and dispatch.

    minimum 5 months …. and thats assuming everything goes well all the way down the line and they can get a toolmaker and factory slot …

    So to be clear this isn’t going to happen fast … I’d say give the guys a break ..i’m pretty sure they will come through for us … and let us know when the parts will dispatch



    It’s great that you’ve been able to provide this breakdown for us. If only Deago could have communicated this we might all be a little more patient.

    Communication has been their downfall here. Regular communication would have saved them a lot of grief.




    yup … to be fair i guess the guys dealing with customers are far far removed from production schedule …
    new products will always take a priority over ‘mostly done’ stuff

    tooling plastic takes ages … it really does.

    but i feel your pain! lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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