How do I connect my LED fibre optic lights to the main board?

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    So ive got a fibre optic led light block and im gonna attempt lighting up the cockpit wall.
    The block is prewired with the correct connector that will fit the deag board but the lead is very short.
    I want to have the bloc behind the cockpit wall.
    I was going to leave the deag led wall light in place so my question is can i splice into the deag extension lead or is there somewhere i can get y cable connector made up to do this job?
    I hope this is easy to understand



    I added extra lights into cockpit as well, making sure they were the same voltage and amps as the supplied lights. Then just wired them into the Deag ones.
    Tested fine with the battery pack.



    best to have a look on ebay I seen all sorts of connecters and leads on there I am sure you can buy mini connecter leads like you mean . I have been looking at different leds and fiber optics on ebay and have seen all sorts of bits for them



    I just cut and stripped the wiring that was there and soldered the wires together and covered with heat shrink tubing. You shouldn’t really need to buy any connectors



    Try these Wago connectors, I just cut the main feed in and connected the extra wiring up using these.

    Beauty is you can just lift the lever for replacements leds etc. I think they come in up to 5 ports.

    Use them for my house wiring so quick and easy.

    I’ve added 75 extra led’s and they all run fine off the standard power adaptor.

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    I just bought this.

    What I’m hoping to do is connect my extra lighting to the extra plugs then use the original board. He’s an Australian seller, only cost $5.
    I think this is similar to what Chris Holland did with his LED kit, he just used the original board as well.



    @Hum ,
    It’s the ‘ male ‘ plug that’s attached to the circuit board right ?
    Do the plugs you’ve purchased ( above ) fit securely into the supplied deago board ?
    Cheers Ged



    I only ordered them yesterday, should get it this week some time. I went this way cause I don’t trust myself splicing into existing wiring, I’m likely to stuff it up. This way the extra lights and wiring is kept seperate.
    I also ordered a pack of 50 of extra JST plugs, that was also only $5.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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