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    First off .. fantastic model and its been great fun building this kit however as my version reaches the end of the road mark i have a big issue …

    There was much talk at the start of the build about ‘final gifts’ and suggestions etc which never seem to have materialised?

    My one big complaint personally is that the missing parts aside, which is in the process of being rectified, in order to complete the falcon it does desperately need a set of correct decals … I have already forked out for a partial set from the USA but in addition too the decals the hash marks on the hull are extremely difficult to achieve and look good without them being decals or dry rub transfers.

    Even if this falls outwit the final free gift scenario you really out to make these available to purchase as they are as much a fundamental part of the falcon model as the plastics are. Having received binders, a Han solo statue and a t shirt, none of which are of any practical use with the model it seems a bit unfair not to be able to do this model justice especially given the fact it claims to be a ‘Studio replica’ … by supplying the correct decals and markings which are on the studio model so they really should be available on the model either free or to purchase at nominal cost.





    You question was answered here ages ago

    Final issue subscriber gift and remaining issues question

    Dear contributors to this thread,

    We can confirm that an additional gift for this series was being considered in the earlier stages of this publication, however, after researching the various options, it was decided that an extra gift was not a viable option and therefore no additional gifts were added to the plans.

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin

    and here

    Will DeAg be providing Sticker Detailing?

    Dear DC_Zol,

    There are currently no plans to include any detailing stickers / transfers in the upcoming issues of the title.

    We hope you continue to enjoy your build!

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin

    Please Provide Missing Parts in Special Issue!

    We are all still waiting for the missing parts here in the UK

    Dear forum members,

    We would like to update you on the progress that has been made with the issue of providing the missing greebles that were not included in your original kits.

    In investigating this, we have discovered that while these parts were present in the original scans that our model was developed from, the physical prototype which was used as a reference during the development of our model suffered some damage. This damage was very slight, and although it resulted in a few small greebles coming loose, this went unnoticed at the time. Due to their not being present on the reference model, at some point in the factory production, these parts were mistakenly omitted from our version, due to an error in communication concerning which was the definitive version of each of these parts.

    We have extensively checked these differences to confirm that these are the only parts of the model which experienced this error, and that the model is otherwise identical to the original scans of the Lucasfilm prop. Once we had identified which parts had been omitted from our model (but were present on the original scans), we had to have these parts developed by our factory, so that we could send them on for approval from the current licensor (Disney).

    We do acknowledge that this investigation and subsequent development process for these parts has taken some time, and we would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. The final, approved versions of these missing greebles have now been developed, and the factory is producing these units in the coming weeks before we distribute them globally – together with fitting instructions – which will be done as soon as possible.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience and support, and we look forward to sending on the finishing touches, and seeing pictures of your completed models!

    Kind Regards,
    DeAgostini UK



    Yep i know however just re-itteratng the fact that we paid nearly 1000 pounds for a replica … Not an expensive Airfix kit. A replica at the very least would have the correct final details and a even a very expensive Airfix kit does come with decals! ..

    I understand that we likely won’t get these BUT its a massive oversight and somewhat ‘spoils the Ship for a Hapenny worth o tar!’ I’m simply pointing out its extremely disappointing to me personally to get to the end of a fantastic build and aside from the painting (or not) which is a personal thing not have everything that actually makes this a replica…. we should really get all the details needed to make the model correct. Why supply all the internal details and stickers etc and not supply the exterior ones which by the way are far more prominent and actually existed on the original (unlike the ‘replica’) AND on the MR version its modelled on.

    Just my moan for the day … its a shame is all



    I mean no offense, but how is it a massive oversight when the original model doesn’t have any decals either. Only the 5ft Falcon had decals. This being a replica of the 32 inch Falcon does not.



    I stand corrected … and feel somewhat foolish. I have indeed been working from the five foot falcon images as i have converted my model to the ANH version and colour scheme. Well noted sir. Apologies to you and DeAgostini both. I was so familiar with the 5 foot i didn’t even bother to back reference the ESB …

    Hangs head in shame and walks away ….



    Well, I’m going for the best lokingmodel I can build rather than slavishly recreating the 32″ original.
    Werner Leiss (I think) does or did a sheet of decals copying the ones from the 5′ model to scale on the 32″ one.



    Yes .. as much as i feel like a complete and utter Muppet for assuming (and not checking the 32) had the decals, i like you have gone with the decal sheet from JBot (I believe it was), and i think they improve the end result immensely. They aren’t placed super accurately but they do give a much better final effect. I also have followed the paint style of the 5 inch in favour of the more ‘splatter’ and airbrushed look of the 32 and again i personally prefer it …
    So i completely agree with you about going for an end result i prefer .. its unique anyway as its a New Hope version and minus the extra front ‘boxes’ and landing gear(s) …

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    @Archangel67 & @Bizmuth ,
    You’ve both mentioned a decal sheet for the deago 32″ falcon ?
    How did they turn out quality – wise ? , are they value for money ? , and most importantly – where/how , from whom did you purchase them ?

    Any links / help , appreciated .

    Cheers Ged

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    I got my decals from Nico at

    The quality is top notch! It cost me $25 US dollars which included shipping from Germany to the United States, and arrived in about two weeks. I don’t know if he still has any decal sheets left though. If I remember correctly, it was going to be his last printing. I think his e-mail address is so you might give him a shot.

    Disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with scifimodels in any way. Just a satisfied customer.



    @BradM73 ,
    Thanks for replying with information requested mate . Will check it out asap .

    Ged 👍🏼✌🏼

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