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    Just received issue 1 & 2 and the set of coasters, will investigate and review in more detail later (half tempted to try doing my first ever video review) but I can confirm that the laser cannon does have interior detail that goes within the two halves of the main body of the cannon.

    Seems to have a lot more pre-painted stuff than the Falcon (although so did the first few issues of the Falcon) but I would think a lot of people would still want to re-paint.

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    I’ve got first two free issues today along with the free coasters 😮 😀

    I must say, I was only going to go for the test run and then I was going to walk away from this build. I think I might be drawn into subscribing to it by the dark side 😀 😉

    If there promotion bumph is anything to go by and what we received so far, it looks like lessons have be learnt with regards to the Millennium Falcon. All parts are nicely pre-painted and weathered. Unless at a later date you are told to glue the parts together, it looks like you only just have to push everything together, so everything can be taken apart for servicing the parts 😀

    The model is based on the film replica, I believe that the original film had made several X wings in several scale, but it’s not clear if this is the same scale as one of the original movie prop.

    The only down side, is that I would like to see a Luke Skywalker figure to sit inside the cockpit 😀

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    hi, same here , cockpit is well detailed and lit, R2D2 lights up when place and head is motorised, looking good ,parts are pre painted, no glue required to assemble, its a winner in my opinion




    Cheers @TrektheTech – I’ve ordered a figure, so I guess that I’m now committed to subscribe to the X-wing when it comes out 😉


    Ian Lawrence

    Agreed about the Hasbro SW figure Trek, A friend of mine got one for the Hasbro Hero Series X-Wing. I did him up a 3D printed cockpit and the figure fits very nicely.
    I’ll sling some pics up at the weekend when I’m over there. I was going to do a Hasbro one for myself but now this is on the scene, not so sure.
    Got my first two test issues, a slightly rambling review on my site:

    DeAgo 1/18th X-Wing test issues 1 and 2. Pics and related ramblings, of which there’s quite a bit.



    Received the first 2 issues today too.

    Some good weathering on the parts. Shame the cockpit frame isn’t quite the same shape as the one on the actual model amd the one pictured in their magazine and promo material. I would definitely buy this though.



    I got a figure as well drat. 😀
    So thats r2d2 the delorean and now this crumbs. 🙂



    Chances are Deag might not have the license for Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamills likeness. I can see Werner Leiss doing a nice little business on Shape ways pilots. How about a Wedge or Biggs for something different?



    One of you lads has to show some love to the big fella and get a Porkins figure for the cockpit…

    ..gutted I’m not doing this one like

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