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    I am going to keep my eye on this. Very interesting, indeed.



    Deag, if you release a Sail Barge as good as this, i’m in.



    Hi Gedmac66

    Yeah, ive read alot of other builders who have modified theirs and i will be following there instructions closely.
    There is a lot of stuffing around and if you plan to seperate the wings so there in ATTACK POSITION there is a bigger pain.
    My Plan was this, It only cost me $45 all up(xwing and Luke and R2) and another $15 for polystyrene so its a cheap build compared to the last model i bought (Trumpeter 1/32 A10 Warthog cost me around $140.00 plus $50 for the complete Eduard cockpit and body kit 6 Years ago) so if i stuff it up i wont be that hard on myself.
    The Deago X wing is going to look great but im not parting with $2000.00 AU over 2 years like this one.

    Have a great weekend Gedmac.




    It should be 1 year and 50 issues . . . Nuff said.



    @DARKVIEW , yeah it should/could…it’s sensible ( but wishful ) thinking ?

    @Azimuth , good luck with your x-wing build mate , and have a good one too . It’s gonna be a stinker ( another heat wave ! ) over here .

    Cheers Ged 👍🏼✌🏼


    Ian Lawrence

    Well for me and a friend of mine, the X-wing is a no brainer for DeAgo to do considering how well the Falcon has done and hopefully DeAgo will have learned some important lessons of the difference between what’s promised and what’s delivered. Granted for me personally, I had zero probs worth reporting with the Falcon OOB build unlike others so can’t really comment big time.

    Had the plan in mind for doing the big Hasbro X-Wing and got as far as sorting the cockpit so now this one, which I think will be roughly the same size, makes that idea a bit of a might do/might not thing. But I only speak for me.

    Whatever it works out to be, subbed for at least the trial run and will see what occurs after that.

    Meandering thoughts time: If it goes the same as some of the past trials then there will be at least a few months wait before we know so i’ll revisit it then and decide what to do.
    That said, a big ass X-Wing is something I really wouldn’t mind taking a crack at and have to be honest from a lazy fatherless point of view, it will mean I can dump the Hasbro one and save meself a fair amount of work/time and in the end it will very likely have a new home to go to, so kind of a win/win for me but for now, more questions than answers so we’ll see.



    Should keep with the theme and have the X-Wing in studio scale (approx. 1/24 scale for the x-wing). Should also be no more than 50 issues.
    If this was x-wing and tie fighter combination part work (both in the same scale with one another) then 100 issues and my attention.

    At this point, an easy pass.

    AT-AT or Slave 1 in studio scale and you will have my undivided attention.



    I think the only thing missing will be a pilot, unless they have secured the rights to using Mark Hamills likeness? There are plenty of figures out there so it shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise I can see Werner Leiss being very busy making 1:18 scale pilots.



    Methinks Tie Fighter will be next at same scale, lot of money £893 for a ship half the size of the falcon, less materials,less parts ,less manufacturing costs.. half the price and a 12 month subscription , then possibly a worthwhile buy



    @dtssyst01 A studio scale slave 1 would be a dream come true! I’ve seen the original and a replica at Launch Bay Disneyland and it is breathtaking! The size… the paint… take my money!

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