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    I would love to order 5 of those crystal cube “bookends” separately. I would place one cube under each of the landing gear feet of the Millennium Falcon with a mirrored surface (plastic or glass) beneath. This method of displaying the MF would make viewing the underside of the ship much easier. The four bolts would not be needed, nor would the wall mount. Any hope here for obtaining the cubes?



    I imagine the £8.99 price will continue on to the main run, though doesn’t seem especially cheap to me, that’s the same price as the Falcon (and both are 100 issues) and the X-Wing seems like it will be a fair bit smaller, shorter than the Falcon and not as bulky. Maybe slightly more complex mechanical\electronic parts due to the opening wings, but then it doesn’t have the big illuminated engine or I guess any interior detail beyond the cockpit.

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    Also, just noticed that the X-Wing sub is now showing up in my DeAgostini account and while I was looking through my account I also noticed that the R2-D2 trial was run at almost exactly this time last year, so a full release at the beginning of next year seems likely (assuming the trial is a success).

    Looking at the image of the cardboard backing for the first issue the model does look very nice, the cockpit looks far more detailed than any of the Falcon interiors (which I think was the weakest part of the Falcon) and is illuminated, it claims the landing gear is retractable (which I hope means retractable, rather than having to just pull it off), and seems like the R2 unit is removable, but when in the X-Wing the head will rotate so I guess it must plug onto a rotating pin or something (wonder if there will be sound effects with that!)



    Hi everyone.

    I bought a Hasbro Hero series Xwing from Kmart for $19.95 in the bargain bin about nearly 2 years ago.
    Its been sitting under the house in its box and i plan to scratch build and modify that after this build (a few years away, HA HA ), also bought the Luke and R2 figures for it of ebay for $25.00 for both.
    Would love to do this Deago version but the MILLENNIUM FALCON has always been my favorite SCI/FI kit so thats why im paying a small fortune to do this build.

    Look forward to reading the threads and watching everyones build once this X-WING gets started and good luck to anyone doing it.

    Have a good one.




    I brought a bandai moving edition 1/48 to go practice weathering to go with the my falcon. It has lights and stuff. After missed issues etc won’t be going deago again for an xwing.
    At-at or slave one…..maybe……maybe



    Hey @Azimuth ,
    Thought the same , re; the hasbro x-wing ( got other ‘ toy ‘ conversions to get onto once this MF is done ) , but after reading so many threads to do this ‘ Right ‘ ! , it’s just too much ( after market parts-if still available ) , or casting own stuff is way beyond someone who’s just gotten back on the ‘ horse ‘ 😳 .

    Wishing all those attempting that ( hasbro x-wing conversion ) , or signing up for this Deagostini x-wind build , the best of luck 👍🏼
    Me ,…getting this millennium falcon up to scratch ( and finished ) is enough for now .


    Trader Sam

    It’s the same price as the Falcon? I must be doing something wrong. I’m converting pounds to US dollars, so I could very well be off.



    its going to work out the same price as the falcon £8.99 x 100 issues £899.00 but £100 more if you go for the premium for the mirror stand seems expensive for a xwing even if it is big, anyone know of a xwing that comes any way near £900 in the shops. I don’t think there is much info on the web site too see what it does other then what you can read from the pic of the first issue would be nice to see a video of it what it does and so you can get a good feel for how big compared to the falcon its going to be.



    If you look on the web site there a part where you can see the first issue magazine on the last page it show the finished model lol don’t look much like lukes xwing that they have a good pic of 2 or 3 pages before I know its a first run but it don’t look that good for £900 love to know what other people think.



    You can get an idea of the size from the build pages at the end of the flipbook where someone is assembling the canopy, looks to be quite a large model.

    Going to wait and see if we get the promised missing parts for the Falcon before making any decisions on this.

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