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    Is this a real thing? Saw an image of Part 1 online.





    OMG i just wet myself….
    I just found the image on line,
    Light up engines, motorized cockpit, light up R2 D2….
    It’s massive.
    Shut up and take my money…..



    It just seems rediculously oversized. meh.



    Looks interesting, was tempted by the R2-D2 and the DeLorean but resisted, however, I think it could end up going for the X-Wing if it gets a full release. Don’t know when it would start a proper run though, based on the test being now, maybe next January, but then would be running in parallel with the R2-D2 build, so could it maybe even be as far away as January 2019?

    Saw someone suggest that it might start when the Star Wars helmet collection ends, but seems to me that that has a slightly different audience to a build.

    No sign of a website for it yet that I’ve been able to find (R2-D2 and DeLorean tests had websites you could subscribe on despite only being test runs), has anyone actually seen it in the shops anywhere?



    A 1:18 x wing….

    I think I’m gonna cry or just possibly wet myself. I have a Kotobukya cutaway version which is 1:35 but it goes to a whole new level. Would even pay the extra for the mirrored display stand.

    I think, generally, if they do a trial run around Easter, the full production run will usually start in the new year. This would overlap with the R2 model but presumably they might figure there is a big enough market to support two models at once? Besides, it would probably come out just after The last Jedi is released.

    Done my bit and registered a subscription. There is a webby:

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    there is a web site up for it looks really cool but £9.00 a issue or £10 if you go premium and get a mirror stand seems pricy but not much information what it comes with or does



    They need to start overlapping builds, at 2 years at a time, we are not getting any younger, and I want to build as many Star Wars ships as I can.
    Hope we don’t have to wait too long, I agree though looks like a release around Jan 2018.
    Really hope the AT-AT is next after the X-Wing, Imagine one of those in studio scale with a removable side that shows the inside, we could mod that just like the Falcon.



    Subscribed as well (really must get the Falcon finished!), obviously sounds like it’s only a trial but interested to have a look at it, also interested to see how the content of the magazine overlaps with the Falcon magazine and whether there’s a lot of repeated material. The “Starfighter Aces” and “Creating a Starship Fleet” sections sound like they might be a bit different but “Rocket Science” sounds like it might cover a lot of the same stuff as the Falcon mag.

    Also, looks like even if it’s only a trial that we will end up with a model of R2-D2!



    I would have subscribed to this, but I don’t want an x-wing to be as big as my Falcon. Either the x-wing will make my Falcon look tiny or the Falcon will make my x-wing look ridiculously massive, either one is just plain wrong lol.


    Trader Sam

    Awe, damnit! I was hoping the “Back to the Future” Delorean would come to the U.S., but this X-Wing looks WAY better. Is the £8.99 price tag only for the trial run, or will that carry over to the full run? The price just seems too good to be true.

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