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    stuart ince

    are we having too get a new nose cone for the sake of others?


    De Agostini

    Dear Stuart,

    The decision to provide a new nose cone was based on feedback from a considerable number of our customers. The original nose cone design was not to the exact specification of the Millennium Falcon, which was an oversight on the Model manufacturers part.

    We are supplying the 2 replacement parts in an upcoming issue (to be confirmed) and you can decide whether to replace the existing parts or not as you wish.

    Kind regards

    DeAgostini Admin



    I’m having trouble dealing with Customer services on the telephone,for past few months since I have recieved issue 20 I have been trying to get the second magazine binder that I signed up for automatic delivery when I subscribed only to be palmed off with various excuses and promises and guess what my latest delivery issues 34-37 has arrived and yes you are correct in thinking NO MAGAZINE BINDER,I dont know about anyone else but I like my magazines in good condition and I now have 17 of them that are getting curled at the edges how do you plan to rectify this problem



    death star trench

    Will you make any scale figures that will sit in the cockpit of the millennium falcon also what paints should I use from revell.


    De Agostini

    Hi Death Star Trench,

    We will be providing a painting guide with issues 48 – 52 which will have all the details of which paints to use and how to apply them.
    I’m afraid there are currently no decisions that have been made concerning scale models for the cockpit.

    Best Regards,
    DeAgostini Admin.



    Will we be getting replacements TP 1 and TP 2??



    Can I just have 2 a month instead of 4 ?



    Hi Developers ,
    I have a subscription to this model from Australia, it works out to around 2 years just to collect the parts before building can really begin or theres a large risk of parts loss or damage, so my question is simple.
    Can you buy this model over a 12 month subscription or even better a 6 month subscription ?
    Is there any way to speed up the subscription ?

    Thanks in advance , Paul.






    Dear Deagostini,

    I’ve been seeing photos of four pegs next to the landing gear will the finished model be able to sit on its legs or do we have to have those for extra support?

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 24 total)

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