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    De Agostini

    We thought we’d address some frequently asked questions, and let you know why we we’re so proud of the officially licensed Build The Millennium Falcon partwork, and why it’s such good value.

    Why does Build the Millennium Falcon come in 100 parts?
    We don’t expect everyone to be able to buy and assemble a model like this all at once. So we issue it in 100 parts to make it much more accessible. Every issue includes detailed build instructions, too – much more than you’d get in any standalone kit. This isn’t just a model – it’s a fantastic hobby.

    So is this a toy?
    No. When we say this a prop-quality replica, we mean it. In other words, if you travelled in time back to 1980 and substituted the completed model for the same scale prop used in the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, there would be no difference on screen. That’s as good as it gets.

    At £8.99 an issue, is the model good value?
    For a model this scale, we think it’s actually fantastic value. It’s not a low cost plastic kit – it’s a metal skeleton with overlaid pre-painted moulded parts, complemented by authentic cockpit, headlight and engine lights, with posable ramp, gun and radar parts, plus metal detailing. In fact, it’s been designed to mimic the canonical in-universe construction of the ‘real’ Millennium Falcon as closely as possible.

    There is only one pre-assembled model of this scale and quality available – the very limited edition Master Replicas Millennium Falcon model. Created in solid resin, this extremely detailed collector’s edition is 10 years old and hard to find. When Master Replica models do come up for sale on eBay or other sites, they tend to fetch around £3000-5000(!)

    Our model was engineered using the same 3D scans of the original prop and other reference material used for the creation of the Master Replicas model. However, the De Agostini model has certain features that even the Master Replicas model doesn’t have. For example, our model’s topside armour can be slid off, to show accurate interior details. The corridor runs all the way from the fantastically authentic cockpit to the crew quarters, where you’ll find the Dejarik holo-game table and other iconic elements. This is why we can say it’s the world’s most detailed 1:1 scale Millennium Falcon prop replica.

    Do I need to be an expert modeler to build it?
    No – we’ve made it simple enough for any adult to put together. However, we don’t recommend anyone under 14 tries to make the model without adult supervision, since there are lots of small and delicate parts.

    Why do you jack up the price after Issue 1?
    We don’t really. We just put the first issue out there at a lower price, so as many people as possible can sample it. This costs us a lot of money! But it’s worth it to make sure that everyone gets to pick up a copy and decide if they want to collect it. After that, the issues go back to the regular price.

    Do I have to subscribe to get Build The Millennium Falcon?

    Not at all!

    There are 2 ways you can collect.

    By subscribing you are guaranteed to receive any issue direct to your door and you will get some amazing free gifts You can call us any time to cancel. It’s that simple.

    You can pick it up in your local newsagents, and we even give you a card to fill out, to get your newsagent to order every copy for you.

    Can you guarantee the collection will continue?
    Absolutely. De Agostini have been making partworks in the UK for over 40 years. We’re the UK’s leading partwork producer because of the quality and reliability of our products. Any product we launch nationally will always be completed. Our customers wouldn’t come back to us year after year if we didn’t.



    How do I get a subscription outside of the UK?



    Looking forward to my subscription.


    stuart ince

    can you please update your website the adds are still showing upcoming up too issue 3



    I think the website is aimed at getting new subscriptions, rather than keeping current members appraised of new issues



    Without enough subscriptions this wouldn’t be happening to be fair, it’ll settle down after Issue 5




    I have just signed up to have the issues delivered direct to my home, I have received issue 1 in a plastic bag, next month I am due to receive issues 2 & 3, then 4 & 5 and then on 4 every month, how will these be packaged to aviod damage in transit ?


    Black trooper

    Just seen on there digital edition app that this build has 120 issues and not 100?????



    What is the assembly jig for that is coming with issue 18? & why no plating parts with issue 18?? 🙁

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    I love this model
    im now on issue 13.
    one week per issue is great for me, it gives time to do the fine detail that this model deserves.
    If the rate is any faster i would want to rush it to much and not enjoy the journey.

    I now have some fiber optics of various sizes to start working on customizing it a bit more.

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