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    Ian Lawrence

    Self etching primer is usually a good move to get a decent base for painting on almost all metals and some hard plastics/resin, used it meself on more than one occasion but with bloody good ventilation!.
    Halfords is deffo a UK thing. I think Septone is an auto paint brand out in Australia isn’t it? I recall the name from way back.

    Anyhow, since the hull plates are ABS then I would think any brand of auto aerosol paint primer would do. Personally, I tend to steer clear of the ‘plastic’ types of auto primer as they are just not as reliable in my experience. I know not about elsewhere on this planet but the ones I’ve used are just not that good and can be finicky if the surface is not almost surgically clean.

    The above may not be much help but haven’t visited the land down under for over two decades 🙁



    Hey @oldmanemu , @Ian Lawrence ,

    Thanks for sharing . Will check out your recommendations asap .

    Cheers Ged 👍🏼✌🏼

    P.s , Ian how’s it going mate ? , hoping alls well . Glad to hear from you .😊

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    Ian Lawrence

    G’day Ged,
    All’s well thanks for asking mate, still up to me neck in plastic, metal and trying to run stuff through the manure polisher. So no change there. 😀
    Trust all is well with your good self fella?



    @Ian Lawrence ,
    Still plodding along Sir . Been pretty busy with other personal ‘ life ‘ stuff , so my build has taken a back seat of late . Not neglected – just relegated 😜!
    Remembered the rattle can brands you also recommended from emails & your OOB build ( your website ) 😳 . Swear , my memories turning to mush since giving up the grog awhile back 😉 .

    Anyhoo , keep on keeping on ! ,


Viewing 4 posts - 891 through 894 (of 894 total)

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