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    Honestly, they should just tape a bag of the replacement cockpit parts to one of the later newsagent delivery issues. That way if you are getting one or a hundred copies of the series you will get the replacement parts you deserve. The only people getting them in newsagents now are those with reserved copies ordered through the newsagent so it is not like a random buyer will get parts they don’t need.
    I so do NOT feel like spending time on a phone trying to convince a customer service person that I deserve multiple copies of parts I should have got automatically!





    G’day @Spellbinder99 ,
    I’m a newsagent sub ( since the beginning…#2 actually ) , re ; the ‘ replacement ( 3 – piece cockpit ) , I didn’t go through the agency to obtain it . I called Bissett direct as advised by @oldmanemu ( thanks Freddie 😜 ) , and the person/s I spoke with were helpful and after taking down my mailing address details , the part/s were mailed out free of charge . Not sure if others with newsagent subs received any through theirs , but I can’t stress enough , if you’re after the cockpit and want to receive what should have been originally supplied , then contact Bissett directly . Guess it depends on whether or not you plan to use it . For myself personally , it was mainly about the ‘ principle ‘ of being treated fairly and just .
    I modded the original 2 – piece awhile back shaped/sanded/filed and added styrene panels & internal greeblies ( pics on Aussie thread ) . This replacement maybe used if I decide to use clear sheeting ( windows ) internally prior to adding the greeblies 😩.
    Just occurred to me , we missed the replacement cockpit at #40 , but received the ‘ clear parts for it , will we still receive the clear parts for the 2 – piece originally distributed ?



    I agree Spellbinder. Deag sent me a message ages ago stating they were going to make an announcement on how Australians can get a revised cockpit. I copy/pasted that message earlier. It’s not really fair on Bissett to be bombarded by non subscribers for this and it is probably only a matter of time before they say enough is enough. Dianne at Bissett was patient and took the time to understand my concern and looked into this for me and contacted Deag UK and organised replacement cockpits sent to Australia after she realised there was a difference. This cock and bull story from Deag saying some issues had the incorrect part is just that, cock and bull. ALL the issues have the same part. Not one revised cockpit has been released in Aus with issue 6. That’s the excuse they gave Diane. Deag has to come forward and state how non subscribers can go about getting this replacement.



    @gedmac… you could still use the supplied glass if you want to put it in… obviously with some modifications to suit your cockpit mods…

    If you take the glass & use a razor saw for example to cut it to suit… then using differing grades of wet & dry sandpaper… starting at around 800-1200 grit (depending on what you used to cut the glass with…) & slowly work your way through the grades until you reach about 3000 grit & gotten the scratches out… once you’re happy with the results get some Maguires ScratchX to give a final polish up… & Bob’s your uncle… one set of custom fit glass for a custom cockpit cone…



    Hey @TheSarge ,
    Yeah , the clear cockpit ‘ glass ‘ I’ve got is for the ‘ replacement ‘ nose cone . Still not sure if I’ll build/mod it out or not ( like stated earlier , the originally supplied 2 – piece was modified , and I’m not sure I want to go through it again…so far behind on this as is ) , but I still don’t have the clear parts for the 2 – piece . And was wondering if they’ll be supplied , seeings how France , Japan et al…didn’t get the ones ( 2 – piece ) that we were sent . Will Deagostini still be issuing the clear parts to us over here ?

    Cheers Ged ✌🏼



    Hey @gedmac …

    I very much doubt they’ll be supplying us with the glass for the 2 piece cockpit… I don’t know if you’re on Facebook… but there’s a page “falcon swap shop” you might be able to pick one up through there… it’s a closed group so you’ll have to join…



    Ugh!!!😩 ,…faceybook . Been there , tried it once awhile back ( daughters urging ) , then stopped . Couldn’t understand the WHOLE CONCEPT of constantly posting everything all the bloody time , as if everything one thought , said or did / planned to , was of interest to everyone else all the time ?!?. And what’s with complete strangers wanting to be ‘ friends ‘ ??.
    If Deagostini doesn’t supply the ‘ windows ‘ for the part/s they incorrectly shipped out to us originally , then what ? . Bad business practice , if that’s what happens IMHO .
    If I do end up modding/using the ‘ replacement ‘ cockpit , then I’ll use clear sheeting prior to adding internal greeblies as I didn’t to the original ( thinking I’d emulate the shooting models ) .
    No offence intended to those on/using faceybooky , but it just wasn’t for me .

    Cheers Ged 👍🏼✌🏼



    When it comes to faceballs… it’s each to their own I say…

    If DeAgo don’t supply the 2 piece glass… you could go the clear plastic route… you could use some masking tape to make your templates out of… just put it over the top of the windows & either trace the inside shape of the windows… or press it down hard to imprint the shape into the tape… or you could use some cardboard from like a cereal box & press it in aswell…

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