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    So at least issue 1 and up to and including issue 7 we got old stock run.




    I just don’t understand why the old parts are still issued. They claim at least a million kits sold. One would think that the old parts would be fully phased out by now and the new updated parts would now be distributed.

    I really do hope they send you guys the revised cockpit in issue 40. it is not a lot better but you all should be provided it regardless.



    If you want a more accurate looking Falcon, my best advice is to just cave in and buy one of the corrected cockpits ultra frosted detail from Shapeways. Both cockpits that DeAgostini provides are horribly inaccurate. I’m extremely happy with my 3D printed cockpit.

    If you’re not going to go with something that is 3D printed, then go with the original cockpit they supplied. Even though it is inaccurate, the inaccuracies are less noticeable with the original. The “replacement” cockpit was an absolute joke and should never have seen the light of day. I’m embarrassed for DeAgostini that they even bothered releasing it, it’s that bad.



    Yes i know about shapeways, but $75 for this part is way too much for what it is. Tbh for me, this thread has become more than just a cockpit now. The admin assumed we had started on the same reviewed set as France, and if Deag had slipped us the old windows no one would be the wiser, and they could make up any story to justify omitting the second cockpit canopy and we would have to wear it. As it stands, unless proven otherwise we have recieved French series (in English) for issue 40. Issue 1 throgh to 7 are original English series identified by original tp-1, tp-2 and no hold seat mod. So i’m eager to hear the response on this from Deag.



    Hey @BradM73 I too purchased the Shapeways cockpit cone and it was money well spent. I could get past some other inaccuracies on this Falcon, but not the cockpit.

    Quick question, It looks like you have your Falcon together. Do you find that the provided method to attach the mandibles is enough or are they sagging a bit? I’ve been debating whether or not to try and included an internal armature or not. It would be nice to have someone’s perspective on this. I’ve posted thus question on other forums and haven’t really got a response. Any feedback would be appreciated.



    Would you please tell the Aussie/New Zealand subscribers what’s happening with the revised cockpit replacement! . We received parts that ( updated for France /Japan etc…!!! ) were NOT Supplied here . Thanks .



    Deagostini seem to be more interested in stringing us along with “We will look into this…” & deleting people’s post than actually doing anything about the missing parts… there is another thread on here about parts that are clearly visible on the photo used on the binder… but not actually provided with the model… I personally have seen a number of posts blatantly deleted from that thread which is just disgusting… these forums are supposed to be a place where we’re free to express our thoughts & feelings & ask questions of other modelers & the publisher… hence the fact that this thread is in the “Ask the publisher” section of the forum… it’s about time deagostini pulled their finger out & actually did something about the things that they’re being asked… once I’ve received my final issue for this build… it’ll be the final thing I buy from deagostini… sorry deagostini but you did this to yourself…



    @kokkari – There’s a slight bit of sage, but I don’t have everything screwed down solid just yet. I think that’s still a few months off. I still need to glue in all the top greeblies and bits and bobs before I prime and paint. Now that it’s winter, I might have to put that off until spring because I don’t have an indoor space warm enough to paint. But I will say the mandibles are indeed slightly “bouncy”. Right now my biggest concern is all of the gaps around the ride panels which is going to leak light like crazy. Really disappointed about that.

    Back on topic though, the cockpit was truly a huge mess-up, and I’ve been very vocal about my disappointment with DeAgostini not making a prop-accurate nosecone. That is the biggest issue with the kit IMO. I don’t personally mind spending $60 or $70 on the extra 3D printed nosecone, but as kokkari said, it’s definitely money well spent. Now whenever I see a Millennium Falcon that doesn’t have the proper window arraignment on the nose, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    I too am respectfully asking DeAgostini to provide a finally corrected nosecone (even though they’ve already come out and said that the V2 is the FINAL offering) and additional parts that should be part of the kit. I’d even pay for an extra issue or two to get them. I’m not mad at DeAgo about the issues really. This kit is BY FAR the best base from which to build an extremely accurate model without a doubt and I love it!



    This question reminds me a little of the release of the 1/350 Refit Movie Enterprise back in the day. A LOT of builders had determined from their initial dry fit of the kit that an internal armature would be required to prevent nacelle and dish sag. What they all missed was that in a dry fit there was no contribution from the strength gained from the actually gluing the parts together. I have built a few and once fully glued the structure was very strong and had zero sag. You could literally pick up the model from the saucer edge or nacelle and have zero flex.

    I believe the same will be with the Falcon when all the screws are fully tightened and the side walls glued on the structure will tighten up a lot. Even at stage 42 here in Australia the lower dish is very rigid and can be tightened up even more by edge gluing the outer plating after assembly. I have done that with half of the lower plates I have added and the improvement in rigidity is marked. I notice that Ian Lawrence said in his youtube video of his out-of-the-box version that he coated the inside of the lower dish with epoxy resin and there is now nil flexing in the model.

    In the end your mileage may vary but the end result with this model is so much down to the care taken in assembly with regards to structural rigidity.





    For fun, I had recently assembled the entire framework, just the framework.

    An observation I made was that the port mandible was level, but the starboard mandible had about a 1.5mm droop at the front end.

    It appeared to me that the port mandible has side framing immediately to each side of it, providing a firmer hold.

    The starboard mandible only has a side frame on the inner side. The next frame piece on the outer side is not until almost halfway around the model, beyond the cockpit tube. I think this is allowing some flex in that area.

    I’ve considered a ‘U’ shaped bracket through the back of the mandibles and anchored to the bottom frame.

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