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    Due to the resent problems thanks to Photobuckets GREED! which has Blocked the images posted on your forum, is there any chance of getting an EDIT function for this forums old posts. As it stands at the moment you can only edit a post for a short time after posting then this function is no longer available, many thread and build diaries have been made useless as without the images the content is no good.

    If we have to re-enter all our posts in a new thread just to put in the new links for the images this will cause a lot of extra work, it is going to take a long time to repair the damage to our posts and even if you do give us an EDIT function to repair the damage done be Photobucket it will be a lot of work fixing the posts in our threads.

    Also I’ve noticed that your reference photos for this build are NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO VIEW! As they are stored on Photobucket and so Blocked! Here is their links:-

    Mandible Reference Photos

    Final Issue Reference Photos

    Lower Hull Plating

    Can you PLEASE HELP! Your forum members need to be able to EDIT old posts and can you PLEASE redo your reference photos.

    Thank you for your time



    All pics are till there and can be viewed by right clicking the logo and then opening the image up in a new window

    All the mandible reference photos can be viewed here

    Final issue reference photos can be found here

    However I don’t have a link for the lower hull plating pics

    I’m currently editing my post on another site to link my photos to a new photo hosting site, I can assure you it is very time consuming. It’s taken me around 24 hours to edit 250 photos. I have another 2500 to go.

    What photobuket has done is brutal

    No warning
    Asking for a high price

    In the words on a friend of mine which really sums it all up “They have caused irreparable damage to the vast majority of forums on the web. They make the Goldeneye virus look good !!”

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